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Rose and damon season2
Damon and Rose
General Information

Damose, Ramon

Intimacy Levels

Good friends, Cared about one another, Once friends with benefits.

First Met

March 25, 2010 (Rose)


Close friends; Rose died

I don't love men who love other women, I think more of myself than that. But that doesn't mean I can't be your special friend.

The relationship between Damon Salvatore and Rose was physical. Rose acknowledges that Damon loves Elena but willingly shares a brief sexual relationship with him. Damon ended up becoming best friends with her. After she was bit by Jules, Damon had to stake her so he can stop her suffering. Her death put Damon in a depressing horrible state because he did in fact grow to care about her.

Season TwoEdit

They first met when Damon and Stefan rescued Elena, Rose lent her knowledge about Klaus and the Originals to Stefan, Elena and Damon. After awhile, Damon teases Rose, who is still devastated over losing her best friend Trevor. "Please don't tell me you're crying 'cause your buddy, Trevor, lost his head", Rose commented that he was insensitive. Then, Damon reminded her about the humanity switch, turning off the emotions, but Rose counters him by saying "You switch off yours, and I'll switch mine". Rose tells him that she observed that he's in love with Elena. Damon, in denial, got angry and told Rose not to get on his bad side, but Rose confidently replied "Then show me your good side". After all those conversations, Damon changed the subject by asking her how to find Klaus. Later on, they went to see Rose's friend, Slater, in a cafe with tempered glass that UV rays can't penetrate. They had a long discussion on how to contact Klaus and the purpose of breaking the curse. The presumed dead Elijah, however, broke the windows and she was exposed to sunlight before Damon quickly saved her. At the Salvatore Boarding House, she showed sympathy towards Damon, this led to their first kiss and them having sex. 


After this their friendship grew after a few events that occurred. Elena’s attempt to commit suicide by handing herself over to Klaus, caused Rose to get herself involved in something Damon would not approve of. They both discover that Elijah is not dead which then causes Rose to run. Damon partially blames Rose for Elena’s actions and thus tells her to get away from Mystic Falls.

Shortly after this conversation, Jules, a vicious werewolf, whom Damon threatened earlier at the grill, attacks the boarding house, intent on killing Damon. Rose, knowing that a werewolf bite kills a vampire, decides to jump in front to save him. This proves her friendship and loyalty to Damon. The healing of the wound makes them doubt the legend. Later that night Damon tells her that he is relieved that the legend is a lie and that he is happy that Rose is not dead. This eventually leads them to kissing each other, but Rose mentions that she does not love men who love other women and instead extends the hand of 'special' friend. As they continue to embrace, they suddenly discover that the wound has reappeared on Rose's shoulder, and is becoming worse at an alarming rate.


After tracking down Jules at The Grill with help from Alaric, Damon confronts Jules for a cure. She tells Damon the only known cure - a stake to the heart. Damon then tells Elena to babysit Rose saying "Elena is a do-gooder," unaware that Rose was becoming a dangerous threat towards all humans.

Once it is clear that the bite is in fact getting worse, causing Rose to believe Elena is Katherine, Damon finds her behind the high school in the parking lot after she escaped from Elena.
Rose is crying, thrashing her head in pain asking Damon to "make it stop". He carries her home and gets mad once Elena intrudes on their time together, telling her she "shouldn't be here". Rose then tells Elena Damon is a lot like her, saying that once he cares for anyone, he runs away. Rose then cripples over in pain, Damon rushes to her side, angrily telling Elena to leave.

As Rose was slowly dying, Damon took over her dream, sending her back to England in a field where she used to play in as a girl. They talk, hug and Damon tells her that he thinks she will see who ever she wants to see, this makes Rose confess that she in no longer scared. Damon is then seen, crying, driving a stake through Rose's heart. The final scene in the episode is shown with Damon laying in the middle of the road. A woman named Jessica stops and offers her help to him. He is drunk and tells her he needs help. He compels her to stand still - leaving her unable to move. He then starts telling her all of the things that has been going through his head, proving that Rose indeed showed him a part of humanity, and that her death deeply upset him. As well as when he revealed Rose's body to Sheriff Forbes, he seemed to be in a lot of emotional pain. It is unknown if their relationship went as far as love, but it is certain that they both cared about each other very much.

Season ThreeEdit

Damon Rose

Team Delena

In Heart of Darkness, Damon uses Jeremy's abilities to contact Rose's ghost. Jeremy had to use a memory to see Rose and he tells him the time when him and her were in the sun enjoying each other's comfort. Rose appeared and she helped track down her sire, Mary Porter, in order to determine the Original both Stefan and Damon's bloodline to avoid killing the wrong Original. She also believes that Damon and Elena should be together in the end.



  • In terms of friendship, the relationship between Damon and Rose is a mirror of the relationship of Stefan and Lexi.
  • Both Rose and Lexi, as ghosts helped both the Salvatore brothers, respectively.
  • Rose's death causes Damon to cry for the first time showing her true meaning to him. (Note: Damon next cries when Alaric dies causing him to grieve heavily for a second time also losing Elena at the same time so make that three friends - all cared deeply for by Damon - all killed but Elena came back as a vampire).
  • Rose used to call Damon her special friend. 

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