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Damon and Liz
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The relationship between Damon Salvatore and Elizabeth Forbes. Damon gains Liz's trust during Season 1 and part of Season 2. He pretends to help her track down and kill the vampires in Mystic Fall to cover up his tracks and make sure that they don't suspect that him and his brother are vampires. Although what Damon did not expect, is finding a friend in her, and Liz has even called Damon her "closest ally". Now that she knows that he is a vampire like her daughter, the status of their relationship is unknown. It seems now that Liz has come to terms with Damon's vampire nature and accepts him, although she's still not too keen on vampires as a whole. Quite frankly Liz doesn't know that Damon abused her daughter.

Season One

Season Two

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Liz: "Keep Caroline away from me, please. I don't want to see her."
Damon: "She's your daughter, Liz."
Liz: "Not anymore. My daughter's gone."
Damon: "You have no idea how wrong you are about that."
-- Kill or Be Killed
Damon: "So, Mayor Lockwood called your gay ex-husband to torture your vampire daughter?"
Liz: "Yes. I've been keeping him detained to make sure the vervain's out of his system, so you can, you know..."
Damon: "Can't we just kill him?"
Liz: "No, Damon. He's Caroline's father."
Damon: "He sounds like a douche bag to me."
Liz: "Yeah, well, just 'cause you and I are on okay terms, doesn't mean I'm suddenly a big advocate for your lifestyle."
Damon: "Is that what you told him when you two got divorced?"
-- Disturbing Behavior

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