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Dalton St. John was a character on The Vampire Diaries. He made his debut in twentieth episode of the seventh season.



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Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

Season Seven


In Kill 'Em All, according to Virginia's story, he entered the opened vault with other members of the Armory. After hearing voices, the darkness snuffed out all of the light from their candles, as Dalton screamed. They brought him out and sealed the vault again. Immediately, Dalton was changed by his encounter with whatever creature of darkness is trapped in the vault. He was stripped of all empathy and love, leaving him a smiling and whistling psychopath, having murdered all his Armory subordinates with a smile.



Physical Appearance

Dalton was a young man standing at what seems to be 5'8, with bright blue eyes and short brown hair.


Season Seven


  • Dalton is an English name and it means "the settlement in the valley".[1]



  • According to his sides in 1892, he is involved in a scene with his friend and a mysterious woman inside of a cave.[2]


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