I slept with my best friend's boyfriend.
Cindy to Enzo in Hello, Brother

Cindy was a minor character who appeared in the first episode of the eighth season of The Vampire Diaries. She was killed by Enzo after being kidnapped by him and Damon.

Early History

According to her, she stole makeup from a drugstore once and slept with her best friend's boyfriend (eight times).

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

Season Eight

In Hello, Brother, she was in the car with her boyfriend Buck when they saw Damon on the road and then hit Enzo. She and Buck were kidnapped by Damon and Enzo. She was compelled to reveal the truth about the worse thing she has ever done. Buck was the worst and Enzo killed her in that moment. She was found in her car with a guitar string around her neck to send Bonnie and Stefan a message.


She wasn't a very loyal person because she slept with her best friend's boyfriend eight times.

Physical Appearance

She had an athletic build, green eyes and long, dirty blonde hair. She wore a dark blue shirt.


Season Eight


  • Cindy is English and a diminutive form of Cynthia, Lucinda and Cinderella.[1]


  • According to the sides, Cindy is a human who went on a drive with her boyfriend Buck, but stop as she hit someone in the middle of the road while she drives. They get kidnapped afterwards. [2]
  • With the confirmation of human souls being found in the dimensions, she either found peace or went to Hell.



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