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Hayley translating the prediction of Hope

Every character on The Vampire Diaries and The Originals speaks some form or variant of a language.The predominant language spoken on the original broadcasts of the show is American English, though variants of this language, as well as entirely different languages are used, often with English subtitles.


Most of the characters speak English.


Many characters have distinctive accents when speaking English, showing their countries of origin.

While most of the characters speak English with an American accent, some have distinctive accents, showing their countries of origin.


Katerina Petrova's mother tongue is Bulgarian. Klaus also speaks Bulgarian, as seen in "Know Thy Enemy".

Spell Language

It is the language used by most witches for various spells. The language is similar to Latin. Kat Graham calls it "the Plecan". She says that it is actually a mix of Latin and some words that look like real words.[1]


The French Quarter witches, as well as most of the New Orleans witches, use this language for their spells and rituals.


The Travelers use this language for their spells and rituals.

Old Norse

Main article: Runes

Ancient Nordic witches such as Dahlia and Freya use this language for their spells and rituals.


Aramaic alphabet

The Aramaic language was spoken dating back to Biblical times (3rd millennium BC to 1st millennium AD), but due to the complexity of the Aramaic language, there are few people who have the knowledge of the language necessary to translate text or words, depending on the intention.

Aramaic script was widely adopted for other languages, and is ancestral to both the Arabic and modern Hebrew alphabets.

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Hunter's Mark
Official look

Caroline and Tyler were trying to use the The Sword of Alexander, obtained from Alexander's grave, to translate the symbols in the Hunter's Mark to gain instructions on finding the cure. Unfortunately for them, they learned from Klaus that the cryptex in the sword is in Aramaic, a language that he happens to understand. Not wanting to take Klaus' help, the two use an online translator to try to learn the instructions; however, their interpretation of the Hunter's Mark doesn't make any sense:

Caroline reads:

"Passage inside... Requires a young senator and a pretty flower."

Klaus translates the text for them, after taunting them for a while for not knowing what it means.

Klaus translates:

"Requires a powerful witch and a hunter in full bloom."
The Sword of Alexander

Klaus translated the ancient text on both the hunter's mark and the inscription on the sword's hilt:

"Silas rests on the far side, the means of his destruction at hand. The top of the hilt reveals the key to a nautical map."


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