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Location Information

Mystic Falls

The Lockwood Cellar is located underground in the woods at the old Lockwood Estate that was burnt down many years ago.

Season Two

In Bad Moon Rising, Mason sneaks away to the cellar but Tyler follows him. He discovers an old, dusty room with claw trails and chains. Later Tyler asks his mom about the cellar, but she replies that they don't talk about the old cellar because it was used during times of slavery. Later, during the swimming party, Tyler brings Aimee here for a rendezvous, while Mason is hiding inside. Mason manages to escape, and Aimee refuses Tyler, telling him that instead she has feelings for Matt

In Kill or Be Killed, Sheriff Forbes tortures Stefan and Damon in the cellar with intent to kill them for being vampires.

Season Three

In Ghost World, Mason and Damon find a secret cave within the cellar, which explains the Vikings arrival, and the Originals.

Season Four

In O Come, All Ye Faithful, Niklaus Mikaelson kills twelve of the formerly sired hybrids here.


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