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Images Needed
Article name Last edited by Page size
New on The Vampire Diaries Wiki/@comment-Original Authority-20160411182359 Original Authority 1113 bytes
Jackson and Oliver 5865 bytes
Bonnie and Abby Karen Petrova-Laufeyson 14059 bytes
Stefan, Elena, and Damon Jolsarygt 28159 bytes
Damon Salvatore/Appearance DelenaTheOneAndOnly 18181 bytes
Alaric Saltzman/Appearance DelenaTheOneAndOnly 1104 bytes
Kol and Esther SpeedyBot 12527 bytes
Jeremy Gilbert/Appearance DelenaTheOneAndOnly 3009 bytes
Needs Information
Article name Last edited by Page size
New on The Vampire Diaries Wiki/@comment-Original Authority-20160411182359 Original Authority 1113 bytes
Charles Beeson SpeedyBot 455 bytes
Chris Edrington SpeedyBot 607 bytes
Damon, Elena and Alaric Karen Petrova-Laufeyson 26070 bytes
Season Five Body Count ANOOP RAO 10329 bytes
Kol and Lucien Ondesting 2735 bytes
Klaus and Lucien Jolsarygt 9379 bytes
Thread:Original Authority/@comment- 235 bytes
The Eight Everlastings Sayitasitis 3168 bytes
Ripper Virus Natalie j 2421 bytes
Dreams Alaric Saltzman 15128 bytes
Elena and Liam Karen Petrova-Laufeyson 5510 bytes
Klaus and Tristan SpeedyBot 2129 bytes
The Originals Season One Body Count TheOncomingStormer 11178 bytes
Aurora and Lucien SpeedyBot 12617 bytes
Aurora and Elijah Original Authority 2302 bytes
Amara and Damon Original Authority 2821 bytes
Flashforwards SpeedyBot 3674 bytes
Bonnie and Sheila Bennett Blood Mage18 21676 bytes
Kol and Hope Jolsarygt 2975 bytes
Elena and Luke Jolsarygt 2049 bytes
Cami's Apartment The Silent Whoopie Cushion 826 bytes
Linking The Silent Whoopie Cushion 8725 bytes
Shane Family 2602 bytes
Damon and Elizabeth Karen Petrova-Laufeyson 14515 bytes
Alaric and Isobel's apartment Jolsarygt 886 bytes
Tyler and Vicki Jolsarygt 3703 bytes
Stefan and Julian John Gilbert 9006 bytes
St. John Family The Silent Whoopie Cushion 5837 bytes
Alpha Karen Petrova-Laufeyson 4491 bytes
Kitsunetsuki Jolsarygt 988 bytes
Wings Powers The Silent Whoopie Cushion 12638 bytes
Brotherhood of the Five The Silent Whoopie Cushion 36228 bytes
Supernatural Hunter The Silent Whoopie Cushion 21313 bytes
Let Her Go DelenaTheOneAndOnly 22936 bytes
Wolf Packs The Silent Whoopie Cushion 10012 bytes
Evensong: Into the Wood Karen Petrova-Laufeyson 501 bytes
Caroline and Elizabeth Jolsarygt 22964 bytes
Antagonists in The Originals Season 3 Alaric Saltzman 2486 bytes
Crescent Wolf Pack Killer kev 9004 bytes
Alaric Saltzman/Appearance DelenaTheOneAndOnly 1104 bytes
Weapon Alaric Saltzman 17748 bytes
Siphoner Bennett Blood Mage18 21961 bytes
Black Hole Sun Alaric Saltzman 15344 bytes
Stay Alaric Saltzman 22529 bytes
Kenner Family Jolsarygt 9960 bytes
Klaus and Kieran 8384 bytes
Tuning Fork The Silent Whoopie Cushion 2291 bytes
Channeling Bennett Blood Mage18 28573 bytes
The Day I Tried To Live Bennett Blood Mage18 19549 bytes
Claire Family TotallyWitchy 4997 bytes
Behind the Black Horizon SpeedyBot 14305 bytes
Brotherhood of the Damned SpeedyBot 16248 bytes
Flashbacks SpeedyBot 50826 bytes
Hope Mikaelson SpeedyBot 64366 bytes
Jackson Kenner SpeedyBot 49017 bytes
Joshua Rosza SpeedyBot 49339 bytes
Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah SpeedyBot 57448 bytes
Klaus and Hope SpeedyBot 30448 bytes
Kol and Esther SpeedyBot 12527 bytes
The Originals Season One Minor Characters SpeedyBot 2818 bytes
Klaus and Hayley Ey4shaes2iej 107701 bytes
Matt Honeycutt The Silent Whoopie Cushion 19772 bytes
Aya and Marcel Karen Petrova-Laufeyson 6028 bytes
Bonnie McCullough Jolsarygt 60564 bytes
Davilla Estate Alaric Saltzman 1061 bytes
Klaus and Katherine Jolsarygt 9644 bytes
Heretics The Silent Whoopie Cushion 21437 bytes
Lucien's Army The Silent Whoopie Cushion 1476 bytes
Caroline and Jeremy Karen Petrova-Laufeyson 3599 bytes
Judith Maxwell The Silent Whoopie Cushion 2992 bytes
Founders' Hall Alaric Saltzman 2479 bytes
Steven's Quarry Alaric Saltzman 4004 bytes
Klaus, Hayley and Hope TotallyWitchy 28333 bytes
Rebekah and Hayley Jolsarygt 25145 bytes
Niklaus Mikaelson Alaric Saltzman 409065 bytes
Finn Mikaelson Alaric Saltzman 106520 bytes
The Armory DelenaTheOneAndOnly 9549 bytes
Sybil and Seline Karen Petrova-Laufeyson 1808 bytes
Caroline Forbes (novel) The Silent Whoopie Cushion 23372 bytes
Mystic Falls Cemetery Alaric Saltzman 9637 bytes
Christmas Through Your Eyes Alaric Saltzman 21889 bytes
Damon and Matt DelenaTheOneAndOnly 9353 bytes
Stefan and Damon DelenaTheOneAndOnly 101764 bytes
Siobhan The Silent Whoopie Cushion 1299 bytes
Public Library Natalie j 913 bytes
Elena Gilbert (novel) The Silent Whoopie Cushion 86188 bytes
Stefan Salvatore (novel) The Silent Whoopie Cushion 52052 bytes
Damon Salvatore (novel) The Silent Whoopie Cushion 61061 bytes
The Lockwood Cellar Alaric Saltzman 4739 bytes
Kol Mikaelson Bennett Blood Mage18 170631 bytes
Dr. Alpert The Silent Whoopie Cushion 872 bytes
Mystic Grill Alaric Saltzman 16361 bytes

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