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Board Thread:New on The Vampire Diaries Wiki/@comment-Original Authority-20160411182359 Original Authority 1113 bytes
Jackson and Oliver 5865 bytes
Jeremy Gilbert/Appearance DelenaTheOneAndOnly 3397 bytes
Hayley Marshall-Kenner/Appearance Natalie j 5188 bytes
Damon Salvatore/Appearance YarinzianDragonKing 18315 bytes
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Board Thread:New on The Vampire Diaries Wiki/@comment-Original Authority-20160411182359 Original Authority 1113 bytes
Chris Edrington SpeedyBot 607 bytes
Thread:Original Authority/@comment- 235 bytes
Klaus and Tristan SpeedyBot 2129 bytes
Wings Powers The Silent Whoopie Cushion 12638 bytes
Alaric and Isobel's apartment Alaric Saltzman 1071 bytes
Aya and Marcel 6018 bytes
Stefan and Julian ~La Ley es dura pero es la Ley 9075 bytes
Mikaelson Safe House Alaric Saltzman 9101 bytes
Cami's Apartment Alaric Saltzman 2041 bytes
Damon and Matt Karen Petrova-Laufeyson 13069 bytes
Davilla Estate KaiGilbertS 1320 bytes
Tyler and Vicki DelenaTheOneAndOnly 5260 bytes
Elena and Luke Karen Petrova-Laufeyson 2057 bytes
1969 Original Authority 2943 bytes
Wolf Packs Jolsarygt 10014 bytes
Amara and Damon Jolsarygt 2913 bytes
Zander Jolsarygt 6295 bytes
Elijah and Finn Karen Petrova-Laufeyson 18443 bytes
Jeremy and Vicki Karen Petrova-Laufeyson 14970 bytes
Kol and Lucien Karen Petrova-Laufeyson 2732 bytes
Aurora and Elijah Bennett Blood Mage18 2348 bytes
Voodoo Child/Transcript Jolsarygt 447 bytes
Alistair Duquesne Original Authority 4825 bytes
Alpha SpeedyBot 4404 bytes
Antagonists in The Originals Season 3 SpeedyBot 2534 bytes
Aurora and Lucien SpeedyBot 12630 bytes
Black Hole Sun SpeedyBot 15781 bytes
Bone Daggers SpeedyBot 1991 bytes
Bonnie and Enzo SpeedyBot 45263 bytes
Caroline and Elizabeth SpeedyBot 25727 bytes
Christmas Through Your Eyes SpeedyBot 22476 bytes
Davina's Room SpeedyBot 6123 bytes
Dorian Williams SpeedyBot 6832 bytes
Elijah and Tristan SpeedyBot 8516 bytes
Evensong: Into the Wood SpeedyBot 548 bytes
Flashforwards SpeedyBot 4877 bytes
Kenner Family SpeedyBot 9958 bytes
Kitsunetsuki SpeedyBot 988 bytes
Klaus and Lucien SpeedyBot 11230 bytes
Klaus and Marcel SpeedyBot 31153 bytes
Lara SpeedyBot 3744 bytes
Let Her Go SpeedyBot 23672 bytes
Marcel's Loft SpeedyBot 5200 bytes
Matt Honeycutt SpeedyBot 20174 bytes
Mystic Falls Cemetery SpeedyBot 12988 bytes
Ripper Virus SpeedyBot 2421 bytes
Rousseau's SpeedyBot 3169 bytes
Siobhan SpeedyBot 1299 bytes
Songs Used in Promos for Episodes SpeedyBot 2654 bytes
St. John Family SpeedyBot 6031 bytes
Staff of Arcadius SpeedyBot 6088 bytes
Stay SpeedyBot 22770 bytes
Stefan Salvatore (novel) SpeedyBot 49319 bytes
The Bayou SpeedyBot 6899 bytes
The Day I Tried To Live SpeedyBot 20187 bytes
The Originals Season One Body Count SpeedyBot 11177 bytes
Phantomesque/Transcript 2607:FB90:A036:3BF2:0:1F:FC68:5101 415 bytes
Exquisite Corpse 2607:FB90:A036:3BF2:0:1F:FC68:5101 16950 bytes
Queen Death/Transcript 2607:FB90:A036:3BF2:0:1F:FC68:5101 381 bytes
High Water and a Devil's Daughter/Transcript 2607:FB90:A031:E125:0:46:5932:C101 429 bytes
Bag of Cobras/Transcript 2607:FB90:A031:E125:0:46:5932:C101 428 bytes
Mystic Falls Founders Bell 2607:FB90:A031:E125:0:46:5932:C101 5959 bytes
A Spirit Here That Won't Be Broken/Transcript Bennett Blood Mage18 412 bytes
Voodoo in My Blood/Transcript Bennett Blood Mage18 427 bytes
Jackson Kenner Jolsarygt 49397 bytes
Gather Up the Killers 2607:FB90:A097:D33:0:4F:B984:CF01 14648 bytes
Fruit of the Poisoned Tree Original Authority 19934 bytes
Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah Original Authority 58745 bytes
Sybil Natalie j 27515 bytes
The Celestial Court Jolsarygt 11623 bytes
Heretics Original Authority 21448 bytes
The Eight Everlastings Bennett Blood Mage18 5300 bytes
Damon, Elena and Alaric Bennett Blood Mage18 25997 bytes
Klaus and Hope Jolsarygt 34757 bytes
Carnival Alaric Saltzman 2218 bytes
Finn Mikaelson Claire Mikaelson 109297 bytes
Lucien's Army MissVampy13 3808 bytes
The Abattoir Natalie j 18731 bytes
Elena and Liam Bennett Blood Mage18 5734 bytes
Arcadius Claire Mikaelson 17187 bytes
Lorenzo St. John Bennett Blood Mage18 127648 bytes
Caroline and Jeremy Bennett Blood Mage18 4109 bytes
Stefan and Caroline Bennett Blood Mage18 266316 bytes
Caroline Forbes (novel) Natalie j 23563 bytes
Timeline Alaric Saltzman 1459 bytes
Joshua Rosza Bennett Blood Mage18 59327 bytes
The Armory MissVampy13 13365 bytes
Brotherhood of the Five MissVampy13 36634 bytes
List of references to The Vampire Diaries in other media Alaric Saltzman 3369 bytes
Tyler and Matt Karen Petrova-Laufeyson 27394 bytes
Klaus and Kieran Alaric Saltzman 8376 bytes
Stefan and Damon Natalie j 113471 bytes
Founders' Hall Natalie j 3342 bytes
Lucien's Penthouse Natalie j 6053 bytes
Dreams Bennett Blood Mage18 12324 bytes
Rebekah Mikaelson Jolsarygt 222529 bytes
Abandoned Train Station Karen Petrova-Laufeyson 1466 bytes
Flashbacks MissVampy13 51103 bytes
Elena's Coffin Jolsarygt 4468 bytes
Linking Bennett Blood Mage18 11254 bytes
John Gilbert Alaric Saltzman 44111 bytes
Bonnie McCullough Oisindadevil 58299 bytes
Behind the Black Horizon Jolsarygt 17494 bytes
Elena Gilbert (novel) Jolsarygt 86356 bytes
Mystic Falls Bennett Blood Mage18 19304 bytes
Klaus and Hayley Bennett Blood Mage18 108176 bytes
The Devil Karen Petrova-Laufeyson 8028 bytes
The Originals Season Four Body Count Natalie j 3448 bytes
Season Five Body Count Natalie j 10367 bytes
Brotherhood of the Damned Natalie j 16574 bytes
Niklaus Mikaelson Bennett Blood Mage18 432407 bytes
St. Louis Cathedral Natalie j 8866 bytes
Damon Salvatore (novel) Jolsarygt 57975 bytes
Warehouse District Natalie j 4578 bytes
Alaric, Caroline, Josie and Lizzie Karen Petrova-Laufeyson 7083 bytes
The Feast of All Sinners/Transcript Jolsarygt 436 bytes
The Originals Season One Minor Characters MissVampy13 1691 bytes
Siphoner Bennett Blood Mage18 21927 bytes
Klaus and Katherine Original Authority 9607 bytes
Malachai Parker Jolsarygt 102330 bytes
St. Anne's Church Natalie j 5375 bytes
Character Appearances Jolsarygt 15236 bytes
Dr. Alpert MissVampy13 1316 bytes
Seline Bennett Blood Mage18 19677 bytes
Klaus, Hayley and Hope Bennett Blood Mage18 28995 bytes
Judith Maxwell Bennett Blood Mage18 3916 bytes
Peter Maxwell Jolsarygt 14082 bytes
Weapon Bennett Blood Mage18 19411 bytes
Freya Mikaelson Bennett Blood Mage18 163529 bytes
Pyrokinesis Bennett Blood Mage18 16698 bytes
Rebekah and Hayley Natalie j 25339 bytes

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