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These are the episodes that have flashforward scene/scenes.

The Vampire DiariesEdit

Season Six
  1. "I'm Thinking Of You All The While" - Damon-centric
Season Seven
  1. "Day One of Twenty-Two Thousand, Give or Take" - Stefan-centric
  2. "Never Let Me Go" - Caroline-centric
  3. "Age of Innocence" - Tyler and Stefan-centric
  4. "I Carry Your Heart With Me" - Alaric-centric
  5. "Live Through This" - Bonnie-centric
  6. "Best Served Cold" - Alaric, Damon and Caroline-centric
  7. "Mommie Dearest" - Damon and Alaric-centric
  8. "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me" - Damon-centric
  9. "Cold as Ice" - Stefan-centric
  10. "Things We Lost in the Fire" - Matt and Caroline-centric
  11. "Postcards from the Edge" - Stefan and Matt-centric (featuring Rayna and Damon)
  12. "This Woman's Work" - Caroline-centric
  13. "Moonlight on the Bayou" - Caroline-centric
  14. "I Would for You" - Stefan and Rayna-centric (featuring Damon)

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