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Episodes that contain flashback scenes in The Vampire Diaries and The Originals.

The Vampire DiariesEdit

  1. Lost Girls - Stefan-centric
  2. Bloodlines - Short Alaric-centric flashback
  3. Children of the Damned - Damon-centric
  4. A Few Good Men - Alaric-centric
  5. Blood Brothers - Partly Stefan and partly Damon centric

  1. Memory Lane - Katherine-centric
  2. Katerina - Katherine-centric
  3. The Dinner Party - Stefan-centric
  4. Klaus - Klaus-centric
  5. As I Lay Dying - Damon-centric

  1. The End of The Affair - Klaus and Stefan centric
  2. Ordinary People - Rebekah-centric
  3. 1912 - Stefan and Damon centric
  4. The Departed - Elena and partly Damon centric

  1. The Five - Rebekah centric
  2. We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street - Stefan centric
  3. Into the Wild - Atticus Shane centric
  4. Because the Night - Damon centric

  1. Original Sin - Qetsiyah centric
  2. The Cell - Damon centric
  3. Fifty Shades of Grayson - Elena centric
  4. 500 Years of Solitude - Katherine centric
  5. Gone Girl - Nadia centric
  6. Man on Fire - Damon centric

  1. Black Hole Sun - Damon centric
  2. Do You Remember the First Time? - Short Elena and Damon scene
  3. Fade Into You - Jo and Kai centric
  4. Christmas Through Your Eyes - Elena, Caroline and Bonnie shared-centricity
  5. Stay - Liz-centric
  6. Let Her Go - Short Liz/Caroline-centric flashback and Damon centric
  7. I Never Could Love Like That - Enzo and Lily centric
  8. I'd Leave My Happy Home For You - Short Elena and Damon scene

  1. Age of Innocence - Stefan and Valerie centric
  2. Mommie Dearest - Damon, Stefan, Lily and Giuseppe centric
  3. Things We Lost in the Fire - Short Stefan and Caroline scene
  4. This Woman's Work - Rayna centric
  5. Moonlight on the Bayou - Short Enzo and Alex scene
  6. I Would for You - Short Rayna scene
  7. Days of Future Past - Stefan and Valerie scenes
  8. One Way or Another - Stefan flashback and Bonnie centric
  9. Somebody That I Used to Know - Bonnie scene (featuring Enzo and Armory guards) and Bonnie and Enzo centric
  10. Kill 'Em All - The Armory flashback, Matt and Penny scene, Stefan, Penny and Matt, Penny and Stefan centric

The OriginalsEdit

  1. Always and Forever - Elijah centric
  2. House of the Rising Son - Klaus centric
  3. Girl in New Orleans - a small flashback scene with Sean O'Connell
  4. Sinners and Saints - Davina centric
  5. The River in Reverse - Elijah centric
  6. The Casket Girls - opening scene concerning the Casket Girls Legend, as narrated by Rebekah
  7. Dance Back from the Grave - Klaus, Marcel, Rebekah, and Tunde shared-centricity
  8. Long Way Back From Hell - Rebekah centric
  9. Le Grand Guignol - Mikael centric
  10. Farewell to Storyville - Original family centric
  11. A Closer Walk With Thee - Marcel and Klaus centric
  12. From a Cradle to a Grave - opening scene, dialogue interspersed with Hope's birth

  1. Alive & Kicking - Klaus and Kol centric
  2. Every Mother's Son - Klaus and Esther centric
  3. Red Door - Elijah centric
  4. Wheel Inside the Wheel - Esther centric
  5. The Map of Moments - Kol and Rebekah centric
  6. Brotherhood of the Damned - Marcel centric
  7. Save My Soul - Freya and Dahlia centric
  8. City Beneath The Sea - Vikings centric

  1. For the Next Millennium - Mikaelson siblings centric
  2. I'll See You in Hell or New Orleans - Lucien centric
  3. The Axeman's Letter - Aurora centric
  4. Dead Angels - Strix centric
  5. Behind the Black Horizon - Esther and Original family flashback and Davina centric
  6. The Bloody Crown - Marcel centric flashback featuring Klaus and Elijah

  1. I Hear You Knocking - Klaus centric

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