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The Vampire Diaries
Season 4, Episode 11
Air date January 24, 2013
Written by Brian Young & Michael Narducci
Directed by John Dahl
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After School Special
A View to a Kill

Catch Me If You Can is the eleventh episode of the fourth season of The Vampire Diaries and the seventy-seventh episode of the series.


A NEW DANGERJeremy is furious when Klaus tries to control him by putting Matt’s life in danger. Damon coaches Jeremy as he prepares to take on Klaus’ new vampires, but they find that Kol has beaten them to it. Kol makes it clear that he will stop at nothing to convince everyone to give up the search for the cure. Looking for a new ally, Rebekah reminds Stefan that they were once close friends. When Sheriff Forbes and Mayor Hopkins question Shane about his involvement in the Founders’ Council deaths, Bonnie steps in with questions of her own, and Shane’s responses push Bonnie to the edge of her powers. Elena negotiates with Klaus to keep Jeremy safe, but when danger suddenly appears from a totally unexpected enemy, Elena comes up with her own daring plan for Jeremy.



Main Cast

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  • Antagonist: Kol Mikaelson and Atticus Shane.
  • Klaus first compelled the bar full of vampires in the previous episode, After School Special.
  • Kol mentions how he and Jeremy were friends in Denver. This was seen in Heart of Darknessthough Kol had only pretended to be Jeremy's friend at Klaus' insistence.
  • Kol states how Elijah has not shown his face since he is disgusted by his family's bickering. He has not been seen since the season three finale, The Departed.
  • Klaus mentions that Damon was unable to resist Kol's compulsion and that Stefan was able to briefly resist his compulsion due to his love for Elena. This happened in The Reckoning.
  • Klaus tells Elena how Kol has a particular disliking towards Damon. This can most likely be attributed to their past encounters where Damon broke Kol's neck in Dangerous Liaisons and stabbed Kol with a baseball bat in Heart of Darkness.
  • There was also a hint that Kol had met Damon before, when they first met in Dangerous Liaisons. This could be an abandoned thread, or it could be explored in flashbacks in the new series.
  • Kol reminds us that if he kills Jeremy, he will suffer the Hunter's Curse and will be tormented by Jeremy's ghost until he kills himself or the new hunter is activated.
  • April Young told the authorities about Atticus Shane's crimes in After School Special.
  • Kol was able to easily compel Damon, who has been off vervain since the town's supply was destroyed by the Council in Growing Pains.
  • Both Elena and Klaus mention that Stefan was able to resist Klaus' compulsion in The Reckoning.
  • Caroline & Tyler do not appear in this episode.
  • Rebekah mentions Gloria. She was last seen in Disturbing Behavior.

Body Count


Cultural References

  • Catch Me If You Can is the title of Frank Abagnale, Jr.'s autobiography, telling the story of how he cashed $2.5 million worth of bad checks while pursued by the FBI. It was adapted to film in 2002, directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks.
  • The expression "catch me if you can" can be used as a playful invitation, daring someone to try to keep up.
  • The expression "up the creek ", used by Rebekah, is short for "up the creek without a paddle," which means to be in an awkward situation, with no way out.
  • The use of "Team ____________" is an oblique reference to the "other"  popular vampire series: Twilight. Fueling the feud among readers, the publishers included stickers saying "Team Edward" and "Team Jacob" with the copies of the book Eclipse.
  • Voodoo doll is a magical object associated with some kinds of folk magic. Of course if voodoo practitioners ever really used voodoo dolls, they would be very different from Movie Voodoo Dolls.
  • Hopi Prayer Feathers - amulets made by the Hopi Indians, for personal health and protection, blessings for the home or travels.
Hawaian Knife

Hawaiian Knife

  • Han dynasty Soul Vase - a ceramic urn, often found in the tombs of Han Dynasty. It is believed that the soul of the deceased inhabited these urns.
  • Polynesian Sacrificial Knife - there is no consensus that the Polynesian did perform human sacrifices. Either way, in most islands where the Polynesians live there is no free metal to be worked, so in most of the places, knives were made of sharpened bone or Shark's teeth attached to wood. 

Behind the Scenes

  • This episode had about 2.71 million viewers in the USA which was 0.24 million less than the previous episode.


Jeremy: "No way. I'm not doing this."
Klaus: "What makes you think you have a choice?"
Damon: "You have to kill vampires to complete the Hunter's Mark. Mark equals cure. You're in a bar full of almost-vampires, so get your hunt on."
Stefan: "Going to see Damon?"
Elena: "I need to talk to him."
Stefan: "Well, you can't. He'll just ask you to let him out."
Elena: "I won't let him out."
Stefan: "You won't have a choice. You're sired. That all [for now]?"
Elena: "Stefan, what are you doing with Rebekah? She tried to kill me."
Stefan: "And this will be the second time that Damon tried to kill Jeremy. So I guess nobody's perfect, right?"
Elena: "Are you trying to punish me? I don't know how many times I can apologize."
Stefan: "I never asked you to. You can do whatever you want, Elena. I really don't care."
Elena: "You're hurt. You're hurt, and you're acting out. Stefan, this isn't you."
Stefan: "Sure it is. You've just never seen me like this. You don't know what I look like when I'm not in love with you. I'll let Damon know you stopped by."
Jeremy: "Klaus still wants me to finish the mark. He's not gonna stop."
Elena: "There's a group of compelled vampires out there."
Jeremy: "Get to the house, hurry."
Elena: "We need a plan."
Jeremy: "They're coming."
Damon: "Jeremy, get your hunt on."
Stefan: "I know you were daggered for a little while but, uh, knocking is still a thing."
Rebekah: "So is writing in your diary apparently. I'm just checking for doubts. You can never be too cautious when it comes to love. One minute your begging me to compel Elena from your mind, and the next, I'm up coffin creek with a dagger in my back."
Stefan: "Right. Well you can read it all you want, I'm done with her."
Rebekah: "The cure is buried with Silas. You know, that ancient, evil guy my brother Kol is afraid of. Shane was so eager to prove his existence that he gave away that he had one of the keys to resurrect him: his headstone."
Stefan: "I see. You want to steal it?"
Rebekah: "Yes, and then team Shane will have to join team Rebekah, and team Klaus will be left out in the cold where he belongs."
Rebekah: "Just did what felt good. Stop... caring."
Damon: "Listen, just go one at a time, only shoot for the heart. Don't hesitate, and don't miss."
Jeremy: "Save the teaching moment, Elena's not here. You don't have to pretend to give a damn about me."
Damon: "I'm trying to keep you alive, dumbass. Come on."
Kol: "You know, when my brother bragged about his plan to complete Jeremy's hunter's mark, it was easy enough to track this lot down. They were all hiding in the shadows. Now, killing young vampires is easy; or old ones, for that matter."
Damon: "Why? What's it to you either way?"
Kol: "Because, you fools, in your zeal to find the cure, you risk waking someone very dangerous."
Damon: "Oh. You must be talking about Silas."
Kol: "What do you know of him?"
Damon: "Nothing. Don't want to. Not our problem."
Kol: "Isn't it?"
Damon: "Uh-uh."
Kol: "A few hundred years back, I came across a group that worshiped Silas. His followers told me that he would rise again, and when he did, he would trigger the end of all time. You know, being an immortal, you can see why I'm opposed to time's ending. So I murdered all of them. And now, here you are willing to risk raising him in your search for the cure. I can't exactly sit back and let that happen, can I?"
Damon: "We're not going to back off the cure because you were told one too many scary bedtime stories, you idiot."



Last.fm_play.png "They Told Me" – Sallie Ford and The Sound Outside
Last.fm_play.png "Sleep Alone" – Two Door Cinema Club
Last.fm_play.png "Baby I Call Hell" – Deap Vally

Last.fm_play.png "Missing" – The XX
Last.fm_play.png "16 Years" – Phantogram
Last.fm_play.png "Skin" – Zola Jesus



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