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Rebekah-Caroline 4x22
Caroline and Rebekah
General Information

Vampire Barbie and Barbie Klaus (by Damon), Reoline, Cabekah

Intimacy Levels

Former Allies/Enemies, Frenemies; They allied together to find the cure, Rebekah dislikes her.

First Met

August 31, 2010 (The Reckoning)


Frenemies; Separated (Rebekah left for New Orleans)

Caroline: Bitch!

Rebekah: There's the Caroline I know and loathe.

This is the relationship between the Vampire Caroline Forbes and Original Vampire Rebekah Mikaelson.

Originally Caroline hated and feared Rebekah because she was Klaus' sister (making her an Original), and saw that they worked together. But despite, or possibly because, they are very much alike in personality, Caroline and Rebekah often clash, even over trivial things.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

Season Three


Caroline and Rebekah in the Reckoning

In The Reckoning, Rebekah confronts both Tyler and Caroline, then taking Tyler to Klaus, leaving Caroline unconscious. Later on, Rebekah holds Caroline back, while Klaus gives Tyler Elena's blood to drink, thus completing his transition into a hybrid. Caroline seems upset and concerned about Tyler becoming a hybrid.

In Smells Like Teen Spirit, Rebekah starts to look after Tyler (on Klaus's demand) by getting him people to feed on. When Caroline finds out about this, she seems incredibly upset. Later on, Tyler praises Rebekah's stunt and makes Caroline feel jealous. After this Caroline begins a mutual dislike for Rebekah.


Rebekah and Caroline in Heart of Darkness

In Heart of Darkness, Rebekah organizes the Decades Dance, much to Caroline's anger. They have quite a small argument, with Matt Donovan siding with Rebekah. After, it was revealed that Matt only did it so that Rebekah couldn't spoil the time between Tyler and Caroline, after Tyler had returned.

Caroline rebekah

Caroline and Rebekah attack Alaric

In Before Sunset, Rebekah is cleaning up after the 20's Decade Dance, which was the night before. Caroline comes and starts to help her, and she apologizes to Rebekah after what had happened to her mother, with Rebekah apologizing to Caroline, about Alaric Saltzman. Rebekah leaves and says she'll start on the gym, but gets stopped by Dark Alaric, who she believes is dead. She goes to attack him, but he is stronger and is about to kill her with the White Oak Stake, until Caroline comes and saves her. They both stab Alaric, revealing that he hasn't died. Caroline and Rebekah disappear, with Caroline running towards her car. Alaric shows up and snaps her neck, dragging her away whilst Rebekah watches from a safe distance.

Season Four


Caroline and Rebekah In the van.

In Growing Pains, both of them were taken together by the council members, to the cell. Klaus shows up in Tyler's body, to save Caroline, leaving Rebekah all alone.

In Down the Rabbit Hole', Caroline calls Rebekah, and tells her that she translated all the symbols of the tattoo with the sword and Klaus help. And Rebekah thank her, but after that Klaus tells his little sister that there is only one dose of the cure, and that she needs to take it first - but then Caroline hangs up the call.

In Pictures of You, Rebekah and Elena - who turned off her humanity - came to taunt Caroline and Bonnie in the the dress shop right before the prom, and Caroline and Elena exchange bitter words between them.


Caroline, Rebekah, and Matt

In She's Come Undone, Matt and Caroline are talking about graduation at the Salvatore Boarding House , and Rebekah arrives. Rebekah reveals that she came to make a peace offering with them, and orders them burgers. Caroline says it was nice of her to drop by and is about to say that she should go, but Rebekah says she's going to stay and help Matt study. Caroline gets jealous and asks him why he didn't come to her.

Rebekah and Caroline talking to Grief streak Elena.

In The Walking Dead, Elena, who got into an emotional hurricane, tries to to get her anger pointed on one target: Katherine, who killed her brother, and destroyed her life. Rebekah and Caroline try to cheer her up, but to no avail. When Bonnie lowered the veil to the other side, and wind started blowing in the streets, Caroline went out to check with her mom what happened, but in reality, it was all part of Silas mind-control. Rebekah had found Caroline, who has been compelled by Silas. Matt and Rebekah tried to get her to stop but she wouldn't listen, because she was under compulsion. Matt then called Damon and gave him the update on Silas and Caroline. Caroline was still determined to cut off her wrists—until Rebekah smacked her back to her senses.




  • Caroline and Rebekah have their differences, but prove to have empathy between them.
  • Even if they don't like each other, are maybe even enemies, they are two girls who are currently the most close to Stefan. Caroline is Stefan's best friend and Rebekah is Stefan's ex-girlfriend and close friend.
  • In Before Sunset, Caroline saved Rebekah's life despite being enemies
  • They both slept with Damon Salvatore and had a romantic relationship with Matt Donovan.
    • Caroline dated Matt in Seasons 1 and 2.
      • Caroline was compelled to have sex with Damon in Season 1, Episode 2.
    • Rebekah dated Matt at end of Season 4 to the beginning of Season 5.
      • Rebekah had sex with Damon Salvatore in Season 3, Episode 14.

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