Matt, it's Caroline. I know there has to be a reason why you helped Rayna, but I need to hear it from you.
Caroline leaving Matt a message in Days of Future Past

The former romantic relationship between the vampire, Caroline Forbes, and the human, Matt Donovan.

Matt mentions that he has known Caroline since the first grade although he did not like her very much. After verbal assaults by Damon, Caroline gets drunk and tells Matt her problems. He and Caroline befriend each other after Matt tells her he knows what it is like to be alone. Though it had a rocky start, Matt and Caroline began a romantic relationship. Caroline is often jealous due to Elena and Matt's history as they're still close even now.

After Caroline is turned in a vampire, he notices a major change in her and believes she's avoiding him, but he admits that he loves her. She drinks his blood when he cuts himself and she compels him to forget that he saw her face change and he later breaks up with her, thinking she has jealousy issues. They briefly get back together for the second time after Caroline sings to him for forgiveness at the Mystic Grill. However, an accident happens at the Grill which injures Matt badly. Matt is shocked when Caroline force-feeds him her blood, and this is how he discovers she is a vampire. Later, this is what breaks them up permanently and Matt accuses Caroline of killing his sister, which strains their relationship a bit. As the series progresses, they are able to form a close friendship once again and they are currently allies.

They are referred to as "Maroline" by fans.

Early History

Both Caroline and Matt were born and raised in Mystic Falls. Their mothers, Kelly Donovan and Elizabeth Forbes were never on good terms in high school. Caroline and Matt went to the same high school but they never really hung out with each other very often except when with Elena Gilbert and Bonnie Bennett. With Matt dating Elena and Caroline being a shallow cheerleader, neither felt an attraction for each other.

Throughout the Vampire Diaries Series

Dating Timeline

First Relationship:

Second Relationship:



  • They dated after Matt's break up with Elena Gilbert.
  • Elena gave Caroline her blessing for her to pursue a romantic relationship with Matt.
  • Matt's mother disliked Caroline when she found out that Caroline was dating her son.
  • Matt broke up with Caroline for a second and final time because she was a vampire.
    • Matt, awhile after his break up with Caroline, swore to never date another vampire.
  • Caroline has tried to kill him while her humanity was off.
    • This put a strain on their friendship.
  • In Days of Future Past, it is revealed that they still kept in contact with each other over the course of three years of not living in Mystic Falls.
  • They are the first couple on this show to get back together and breakup in the same episode.


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