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The relationship between the vampire, Caroline Forbes and the witch, Bonnie Bennett had been complicated due to Caroline becoming a vampire and Bonnie being a witch, but they have remained close friends regardless of their differences. After Caroline found out that Bonnie is dead in For Whom the Bell Tolls, she was devastated. Later, Bonnie returns to life in Death and the Maiden, and is reunited with her best friend once again.

Along with Elena, the three have formed a sister-like relationship, but are permanently seperated from each other, as Elena's under a sleeping spell until Bonnie dies. Bonnie and Caroline are forced to carry on without Elena for the while and deal with supernatural entities together, without Elena. Although they are forced apart, due to Caroline's duty to raise twins with Alaric Saltzman and Bonnie being forced to go into hiding from the Armory, they still maintained a close friendship. Also, Caroline didn't hesitate to be one of Bonnie's closest friends to successfully help Bonnie be cured of the Supernatural Huntress' Curse.

Early History

Caroline and Bonnie were very good friends with each other before Caroline became a vampire. They were cheerleaders in high school and they were also best friends with Elena Gilbert. Caroline was a shallow girl who envied Elena and usually talked to Bonnie about it. But, after becoming a vampire, Caroline proved to Bonnie that not only was she not an immature girl anymore, she was a new, a selfless and a confident Caroline inside.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series



  • Caroline's daylight ring is created by Bonnie.
  • In Bonnie's Funeral Caroline offers black and red pom-poms from their high school cheerleading days.
  • Bonnie watched Caroline decorate her dorm room like her life depended on it from The Other Side.
  • They are dormmates.
  • Caroline and Bonnie start writing in a diary after Elena made them promise so that one day when she awakes from her magical coma, Elena can know how her friends lead their life when she was gone.
  • In Season Seven episode twenty-one, Caroline becomes Bonnie's first vampire target as a Supernatural Huntress.
    • This also marks the first time Caroline and Bonnie become enemies in the series, as a whole.


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