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The Carnival is an annual event in Mystic Falls High School. The event was shown in the Season Two episode, Brave New World.

Elena Gilbert was the one in charge of the event on behalf of Caroline since she was still in the hospital at the moment.

At the Carnival, Carter flirted with Bonnie. Damon compelled him to pick a fight with Tyler to see if he or Mason will use some supernatural moves. Stefan witnessed the fight and found something unusual with what Mason had acted. Mason jumped really high and Tyler for a second saw Mason's yellow eyes. Jeremy was still mad at Damon and Jeremy thought he was invincible since he had a Gilbert Ring.

Caroline came here after she compelled a nurse to let her go out of the hospital. Caroline killed Carter shortly after running into him. Damon told her he was going to help her (by killing her), but Stefan came. Bonnie was so mad that she put Damon on fire. Elena jumped across the flames and stopped her. At dawn, Stefan brought Elena here for a kiss at the top of the Ferris wheel.



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