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Camille O'Connell
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  • 1988 (Age 24)
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What it feels like when someone takes away your deepest, ugliest pain without your consent. It is both a blessed relief and a complete violation.

Camille "Cami" O'Connell[1] is a bartender and a psychology student who initially moved to New Orleans to find out the truth about the death of her brother, Sean O'Connell. Both Klaus and Marcel are attracted to her and hope to keep her sheltered from the major ongoing conflict between the vampires, witches and werewolves of the city. However, this is getting increasingly difficult now that Cami has discovered the truth about the supernatural world and that her brother  was cursed by a witch in revenge for her uncle's actions. She is also good friends with Davina and Josh.

Camille is a member of The O'Connell Family.


As of right now, not much is known about her early history. She grew up with a twin brother, Sean, and moved to New Orleans near her uncle, Kieran, to investigate the circumstances surrounding Sean's suspicious and tragic death. At some point she enrolled in her psychology courses and began working as a bartender at Rousseau's.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries

Season Four

Camille (16)

Cami meets Klaus once again.

In The Originals, Camille is the bartender at the Deveraux sisters' bar. When Niklaus is monitored by Marcel 's minions, she appears saying: "Sorry for the wait. If you're here for the gumbo, I'm about to break your heart. We just ran out."

Moments later, Marcel meets Cami. She immediately thinks that Marcel does not have good intentions. Niklaus meets again with Camille in one of the streets of New Orleans. Camille describes the painting of an artist, which causes Niklaus to show parts of his humanity.

Throughout The Originals


Camille speaking to Elijah.

In Always and Forever, Elijah converses with Camille over the bar after ordering a drink from her. He tells her about his family history and about his half-brother, Klaus, who has a temper and tells her, his brother and him don't have the same father and says it never bothered him. But it bothered his brother and tells her his brother never believed he felt belonged anywhere. Elijah then continues with saying his brother believes people are conspiring against him. In which Camille responds with "Narcissistic and Paranoid". Elijah then takes an interest in her, and she then explains, she's a bartender with a grad at psychology. Elijah then asks where, he can find Jane-Anne Deveraux, and Camille leads him to "someone who might" - a French Quarter tour guide who knows that Jane-Anne is dead.
Klaus and Camille TO 1x02

Camille and Klaus.

In House of the Rising Son, Klaus compels her to give Marcel a chance. While on the date with Marcel, Rebekah shows up demanding Marcel to take her to Elijah using Cami as leverage. Marcel complies and compels her to not remember the Rebekah part of their date. He promises to make it up to her.

Klaus and Camille TO 1x03

Klaus & Camille at Marcel's Ball.

In Tangled Up In Blue, she's invited to Marcel's ball by Rebekah so her presence will distract him. Soon after she arrives, Marcel spots her, and says he's sorry for not inviting her to the ball (unknown to Cami that the ball was restricted to supernatural species), they shared a dance, flirted, and almost shared a kiss when Marcel was pulled to the side by one of his minions. Cami stood still watching from a distance as Marcel lost his temper at Thierry. When Klaus approached her, she reminded herself that she always knows better then she leaves. Later that evening, she's seen drinking beer at the bar when Klaus sat next to her, she quickly discourages Klaus from giving excuses to what Marcel had done earlier, Klaus seems to get the impression that she might been hurt badly before, nonetheless, he compels her to remember that she had a great time with Marcel.

Camille and Davina TO 1x04

Davina and Camille.

In Girl in New Orleans, she's informed about the supernatural world by Klaus who compels her not to be afraid and to only remember that he's an vampire when only he's around her. Later when Cami sees him at her bar she expresses curiosity towards his powers which he showed amusement to and compel her to help him meet Davina; who Marcel told her to look after. At the church where Davina lives, she is seen listening to Tim's music in the back, away from the two teenagers. She tells Klaus the reason of why she moved to the city, and how her twin brother Sean O'Connell had murdered an entire coven of priests without prior signs of mental deterioration.

Later in her apartment, Klaus shows up wanting to compel her out of her fixation on bringing justice to her brother, she gets emotional, and tearfully begs him not to make her forget about her torment, yet he compels her anyway, believing that she's stepping into dangerous grounds. Before he leaves, he promises her to find the truth of what really happened to her brother.

Camille 3 TO 1x06

Camille speaking with her uncle.

In Fruit of the Poisoned Tree, Camille visits her brother's grave which was smudged with graffiti writing encircling the word "murderer". she then visits her uncle in the church confessional box to talk about her brother's grave being vandalized and how it's weird she is not upset over it. Kieran tells her if she has found away to turn off the pain then she shouldn't question it. Klaus later makes a deal with Kieran, a deal that he'll protect his niece. She is then later told the truth about what really happened to Sean by Klaus, he tells that the witch responsible is dead, Cami slaps him for using her and making her culpable in murder. She vows and threatens to get his compulsion undone.



In The River in Reverse, Klaus has Camille typing up his memoirs. He’s upset that Elijah took Hayley's side. Klaus says that the only thing that he’s done is try to get their home back. Camille has had enough and tries to make him realize that not everyone is out to get him. He keeps reliving the past because he does it to himself.

Later, Camille is cleaning off her brother's tombstone from the graffiti. Her Uncle finds her and they talk. Cami is worried she’s losing her mind too. Father Kieran tells her that maybe she should leave town for a while. She doesn't want to; she wants to find out what those symbols mean. Camille and Father Kieran are in the church. She is sitting looking intensely at her drawing. She says she has finally figured it out, She has sent herself a message. She just figured out about Klaus and Marcel being vampires again. 


Davina bringing Camille's memories back.

In Reigning Pain in New Orleans, Camille is still typing Klaus's memoirs and still compelled to remember him only when she is around him. However she deciphers some cryptic messages that she has left for herself to find which lead her to her voice recorder in her bag. On it she hears herself talking to Klaus while writing his memoirs. Klaus shows up again at her apartment, this time to compel her to forget about him and to leave town permanently for her own safety. Later, when Cami is packing her bags to leave, Davina comes to Camille's apartment asking for her help and when she realizes that Camille has been compelled yet again, she begins the process of freeing her from the compulsion the same way she did with Josh.


Camille protecting Davina.

In The Casket Girls, Davina uses decompulsion at Cami's request to help her remember and try to understand what's happening to her. Cami now remembers everything that Klaus had compelled her to forget. Cami tells Davina that her uncle Kieran can help them, however Davina tells her that he knew about everything already and kept it a secret from her. As a result, Cami meets up with Kieran upset and storms out as she lost trust in him. Later, Cami spots Klaus and warns him that if he ever hurts Davina or Josh, she will expose him to the world.

In Dance Back from the Grave, Camille is visited by a mourning Marcel. Marcel shares some details of his past with her, but things quickly spiral out of control when Papa Tunde shows up. She attempts to help Marcel fight Papa Tunde with little affect. She calls Klaus to inform of the situation at Rousseau's. Klaus manages to arrive in time but is nearly killed in the process. Elijah and Hayley manage to save Rebekah allowing Klaus to have the advantage but Papa Tunde escapes.

In Crescent City, Camille learns that her uncle has been hexed just like her twin brother had endured. She is approached by Genevieve who offers a deal. If she stabs Klaus with Papa Tunde's Blade, her uncle will be cured. Camille ultimately decided against betraying Klaus and betrays the witches. Klaus attempts to remove Kieran's hex by compulsion to no avail. Camille is last seen searching for a way to help her uncle.


Cami and Klaus

In Le Grand Guignol, Elijah enlisted Camille's aid to help Klaus' recovery. Elijah stabbed Klaus with Papa Tunde's Blade to protect Rebekah. Camille attempts to persuade Klaus from his pursuit of his sister. During this time Klaus shares memories from his past, concerning his father.

In Farewell to Storyville, Camille is reunited with Davina whom is visibly shaken by her past death. After talking to her, she tells Marcel that Davina needs professional help and treatment.


Marcel and Cami

In Moon Over Bourbon Street, Cami is helping her uncle in the church attic by locking himself up. He’s wanting to kill and doesn't want to. He wants Cami to leave but she refuses. Father Kieran is getting worse and goes after Cami to kill her but she knocks him out with whatever she can grab. At Cami's house, she’s getting a drink. Marcel comes up behind her. He notices that she’s hurt. Cami opens up to Marcel about her fear of losing Kieran. They kind of have a mutual ground about the lack of family. They go out for a drink. Cami and Marcel get back to her house and they’re pretty wasted. Cami tells him she’s tired of being alone and then they have sex.

Camille gifting Genevieve.

In The Big Uneasy, Camille is seen at the bar when Klaus shows up with a way to help her uncle, knowing that Genevieve is the one that might help/ Camille refuses the offer then changes her mind believing it might be her only way out, Later at the feast thrown at the honor of the witches, Camille crashes the party and goes to talk to Genevieve and hands her a thoughtful gift, in an attempt to persuade the red head witch to save her uncle. Genevieve, who's touched by Camille's gift, agrees to see if there's any hope left.

Camille is preparing herself to leave when she spots Klaus sitting in the dark and drinking. Klaus apologizes for offending Genevieve, causing her to refuse to help Kieran out and Klaus confronts Camille about her relationship with Marcel, which she explains that it was his doing, Klaus gets angry, threatens Marcel, and leaves Camille rather speechless.

In An Unblinking Death, Camille enlists Josh's help to try other remaining strategies to lift the hex on now a hallucinating Father Kieran. She brings a doctor to help her try shock therapy on Kieran, but with no avail. Klaus comes to help Camille who's only objective is to remove the hex by any means possible. She asks Klaus to turn her uncle into a vampire which he does when Kieran's heart fails.

Klamille 12

Camille urging Klaus to help Kieran

Camille apologizes to now-in- transition Father Kieran for turning him into a monster against his faith, and she tearfully says goodbye. When the hex resurfaces on Kieran, he leaves his room after the boundary spell wears off, and attempts to kill his niece, but failing when Klaus swoops in and stakes him after Camille approves of it. Later that evening Camille is in her apartment, shocked and frightened of what happened that day, Marcel drops by her apartment after Klaus allows him to come console a grieving Camille.

In A Closer Walk With Thee, Cami is seen in one of Klaus' dreams that takes place at Kieran's funeral. Later, at Rousseau's during Kieran's wake, Cami sits with Klaus while he drinks. Cami tries to thank him but sourly tells her that her thanks are not necessary. When she asks him why he's in a bad mood, he tells her that he's been having dreams about Mikael. He interprets the dreams as his fear of scarring his child just as Mikael scarred him. Cami shows surprise that Klaus has said out loud that he's going to be a father soon. Klaus sees Marcel walk in and tells Cami that he knows more about fatherhood than she thinks. She sees Marcel and points out that the his first attempt didn't work out so well before walking away. While she is in the kitchen, trying to control her emotions away from the party, Francesca Correa comes in and asks for Kieran's key stating that she is the new representative of the human faction. Cami angrily tells her that it must have fallen off before storming away from her. Marcel helps keep watch over Kieran's body during the wake and Camille discovers that Marcel took Kieran's key that was meant for her since he didn't think that she was ready for the family legacy. Camille argues that she's involved in the supernatural affairs and isn't backing down. The next day, at the church, Marcel approaches Cami, who is still angry for keeping the key from her. He tells her that the key opens something that can be used against the supernatural community in case of emergency. He tells her that he tried to find what the key opens but was unsuccessful. Cami accuses him of being at the funeral to find out more from her, but Marcel tells her that he's there for her and Kieran.

Hayley asks for Cami's help

During the funeral march, Hayley approaches Cami and begins by giving her condolences about Kieran. Cami deduces that she needs something, and Hayley asks if Kieran said anything about Francesca Correa before he died. She goes on to tell Cami that Francesca could have been involved with the bombing in the bayou. Cami tells her that she is trying to stay out of supernatural affairs, but will let her know if she learns anything. At the burial, Cami wanders away and finds herself at Sean's tomb. Marcel finds her and she tells him that Sean didn't have a funeral and that his parent's wanted nothing to do with him; so Sean was buried in a tomb with the homeless and criminals. Cami deduces that maybe Kieran had Sean interred there because he saw an opportunity to hide something there for Cami to find. She looks at Sean's tomb and says that she needs a sledgehammer. In the tomb, Marcel and find a box containing a message in Sean's secret code. Cami tells Marcel that she won't tell him what it says and that whatever the message leads to is her responsibility now.

In The Battle of New Orleans, Cami is working on the code that Kieran left for her in the box that his key opens, when several men in suits come in and start clearing out the customers. Camille sees what they are doing and goes over to find out what's going on. Francesca threatens Cami once again and she asks for Father Kieran's key. When Camille maintains that she doesn't have the key, nor does she know where it is, Francesca tells Cami that her family has been in New Orleans a long time, longer than hers, and gives Cami one day to find the key for her before she turns to not-friendly means of "persuasion".


In From a Cradle to a Grave, Cami is first seen in the compound helping the vampires who have been bitten by Klaus, when Davina comes in with a cup of a Klaus's blood. Marcel gives the blood to Josh instead, and starts to leave when Cami stops him. She tells him that she has an arsenal, and takes them (Davina and Marcel) to her Uncle's hidden vault of weapons. Soon afterwards, she is seen by the memorial wall for the fallen, and sees the a plaque with Baby Mikaelson written on it. She goes to Klaus and tells him that she's sorry for his loss. Klaus tells her they can't be friends anymore as he doesn't want to ruin her. Cami leaves in tears.

In Rebirth, Cami is seen in bed with Marcel. Afterwards, she gets dressed and tells Marcel she has to go to campus and meet her new advisor because her former one died. When Marcel asks if he'll see her later, she emphasizes that it's just a no-strings relationship. She tells him about how Francesca and her werewolves are in control of the French Quarter. When Marcel asks about Klaus, Cami tells him that nobody, including herself, knows. Marcel wonders why Klaus hasn't made a move against the werewolves. Cami says that Klaus is in mourning, but Marcel suspects that something is going on. Cami also tells him that Davina is back in high school and doing well. Cami tells Marcel that maybe it's better to move on and not hold on to the things that they can't change; Marcel gives her a "Yeah, maybe." Later, Cami is walking down the street in the Quarter while being followed by two werewolves. Turning around, she tells them off, hands one of them her coffee, and walks away annoyed and worried. She goes to the Abattoir looking for Klaus.


Cami senses Klaus behind her.

While she calls for him, Klaus moves silently around watching her unseen. When she calls for him again, Elijah appears and tells her that Klaus doesn't want to see her and that she is trespassing. When he tells her that she's put herself in danger by coming there, she tells him about the Guerrera werewolves following her and running the city like a police state. She suggests that they get help from Marcel in ridding the Quarter of Francesca and her people. She leaves after having impressed both Klaus and Elijah. Later, at her apartment, when the two Guerrera wolves from the street come to her apartment looking for white oak stake, she gives them an address and the key to her uncle's secret room. After they leave, Elijah appears outside her window and nods to her and Cami nods back. Later, at Marcel's place, he and Cami are lying in bed and they discuss the Quarter's future briefly. She apologizes for the loss of Marcel's friend Joe before she tells him that she is ending their friends-with-benefits arrangement, stating that she needs to be more involved with the human world. When she meets her new adviser, Vincent Griffith, she is unaware that he is actually Finn Mikaelson.

In Live and Let Die, Cami is heard telling her advisor, Vincent/Finn, that New Orleans is a city of death and that the people party to distract them from the inevitability of death. Finn asks her about her relationships with the people in her life who are still living. She tells him that she's attracted to the wrong kind of guy. She talks about Marcel and how she was just a rebound girl for him and that they're not compatible. She then talks about Klaus, how nothing ever happened between them but he got under her skin. She says that in spite of Klaus' dark past, there was good in him. Finn remarks that Cami wanted to save Klaus; Cami states that some people don't want to be saved. Later, Cami is walking through the crowded streets and she finally gets Davina on the phone. Davina apologizes for not calling Cami back and assures her that she's okay before hanging up. Klaus remarks that it was rude for Davina to hang up, surprising Cami when she sees him. She chastises him because she hasn't seen him in months and just decides to show up. He tells her he needs to find Davina because she has brought Mikael back from the dead and is controlling him. When Cami says that Davina didn't say where she was, Klaus deduces from listening on the phone call that Davina is at her family's cabin in Terrebonne parish. Cami agrees to go with him to try and reason with Davina. Cami is then seen sitting in a bar having a drink when Klaus comes in annoyed that she told him to wait in the car because she said she be right back. Klaus reiterates the urgency of his mission and Cami tells him that she needs a drink to take the edge off of Klaus' revenge fantasy. Cami deduces that he chose her to come with him because he wanted someone to hear his side of his story. Klaus sits down and has a drink and begins to tells Cami about his mother's plan to put the Original siblings into human bodies. He tells her that he can't kill Esther because she would just jump into a new body. He tells her that Mikael has the white oak stake and must be dealt with first. When Klaus gets up to leave, Cami tells him he understands what he's fighting against, but asks him what he's fighting for. She invites him to dance with her and tells him that there's more to life than the pain inflicted on him by Mikael and Esther. As they slowly dance, she tells him that there's no peace in revenge before he twirls her slowly and vanishes, leaving Cami alone. Cami hitchhikes and runs through the roads of the bayou to get to Davina's cabin in the bayou. Cami is angry at Klaus, telling him what she had to go through to get to him. Cami tells Klaus that he will not hurt Davina, to which he gives his word. Cami then pulls Klaus into a one-armed hug before looking down to see Mikael lying on the ground incapacitated by Papa Tunde's blade. Klaus tells her that he decided to take Cami's advice and keep Mikael alive.

In Red Door, Camille stops Klaus from killing Kaleb as he is "just a kid" and takes the stake and goes to get the car to take Davina to the hospital after what Klaus did to her. She goes to the care and is abducted by Mikael, who takes her through the woods. Cami demands how he is conscious as she has seen the kind of damage Papa Tunde's blade can do first hand. Mikael tells her that he has endured more pain than anyone living or even dead and that he will not feed off of her as she is leverage for Klaus and that he will use Klaus's weakness for her and as he hesitates when Mikael will threaten to dismember her in front him, he will use this chance to kill Klaus. Cami argues that he is hating a person who's only crime was that he was fathered by another person only to be hushed harshly by Mikael, who tells her that she is the enabler of the weak and no wonder Klaus seeks her company.

Mikael then takes her to a warehouse where Camille tells Mikael that she used to think that Mikael once actually cared about Klaus, that he wasn't all bad, but Mikael says he didn't always hate Klaus as when he was born he thought that Klaus was the one who had the eyes of a warrior and was overjoyed at his birth. But Mikael's hope was short-lived as he discovered that Niklaus wasn't his son and his relief at that was glorious, but he remained loving of Niklaus until he discovered that Klaus was birth from a "beast". Cami argues that that was his mother's infidelity, not Klaus. This leads to Mikael heatedly yelling that everything that followed was Niklaus's fault - the death of his youngest son and when Cami says it is an accident, Mikael cries that Klaus killed his wife, his own mother who sought to cleanse him of his beast-like nature. Cami tells him that the cycle of endless violence is pointless and Mikael guesses that she's an "alienist" and Cami says they're called "therapists" nowadays and he could do with some couch time. Mikael - pushed to the edge - decides that since his wound is not healing in time he could do with some food and a frightened Cami says that he said he would not do so and Mikael grabs her, saying that, despite human blood being useless to sustain him, in desperate times even the Devil himself eats flies and he bites Camille.

When Klaus finds them, he swears to make Mikael pay for hurting Cami and Mikael laughs at this, saying that it is sweet that the Ker (a mythological phantom/spiritual creature that feeds off of the blood of the dead addressed to Klaus in this context by Mikael) whines for its bitch (the would-be dead victim being Camille). After a confrontation between the Original Vampires ensues, Mikael walks out victorious, having killed Klaus with the Oak. But the stake doesn't not work, seeing as Davina and Kaleb are draining its very purpose for being, thus surpassing its Natural power to kill Klaus even whilst in his heart. While Mikael attempts to stop Davina and his son, Camille pulls the stake out of Klaus just before Mikael stops Davina and Klaus's reinforcements show up to save him before he is resurrected. Mikael leaves before telling Klaus to find him when he doesn't have fools - women and children - fighting his battles for him.

Klaus thanks Cami for saving his life and she replies that it is the least he could do for telling him not to kill Mikael. Klaus responds that he would kill Mikael alone for hurting her.

In Wheel Inside the Wheel, Cami is seen having breakfast with Vincent. After he pries too much, they decide to stop with the personal questions as it is "happy hour". Vincent orders for them, he orders for himself a neat whiskey and then when it is time to order Cami's drink, he orders a Sazerac with two spoons of honey, which shocks Cami as it is her favorite drink, who decides to make an excuse and leaves. She goes back to her O'Connell inheritance room where she discovers that the "Griffith Family" is a family of witches, Marcel informs her that Vincent is currently possessed by the thousand-year-old Finn Mikaelson and that he was a vampire and he is a powerful warlock now so she should steer clear. Cami tells him she's only begun.

Later, when the two of them are having dinner, Cami, after nearly attacking him with a specialized dagger, establishes what Finn/Vincent's weakness is - her and she plans on using it.

In Chasing the Devil's Tail, Camille manages to get Vincent to go on a date with her which was part of a plot that was fabricated by her, Hayley, Marcel, Joshua and Aiden. Cami reveals that she found chains that can hinder a witch's power once slapped onto their wrists in the arsenal that her uncle Kieran left behind for her. Once on the date, Cami gets a call and leaves to supposedly take it in private, but Cami does not return, which inspires Vincent's curiosity which leads him to the back of the restaurant where she is attacked by a werewolf that leaves and disappears with Cami when Vincent/Finn shows up. Meanwhile, she actually taken to a church, where it is revealed that it is Hayley who bit her and Cami admits she always thought another woman's mouth on her neck would feel more erotic.

Vincent casts a locator spell that leads him to the church. He figures out that Aiden is a traitor and uses his powerful magic to throw him through the St. Anne's Church doors unconscious. Vincent kills Josh (temporarily) and nearly kills Hayley, who is rescued by Jackson. Cami shows up and slaps the magic-resistant chains on Finn, which renders him powerless. She smugly apologizes but says that he would have done the same to her had she continued to play defenseless human.

Later, a guilty yet victorious Cami is drinking by the bar when an African-American woman she does not recognize enters. Cami says sorry as they're closed, the woman voices her feeling of it being a shame, as she hears that Cami serves the best "Sazerac" in town, which makes Cami see the light, realizing it is Esther, who tells her that her sons have taken quite the liking to her before bewitching her with a then-unidentified spell that causes her body to shudder violently.

In The Brothers That Care Forgot, Camille awakes in bed and gets a call from Hayley who needs a favor. Cami is then seen speaking to Hayley about her romance with Elijah and Jackson (seemingly unfazed by what happened with Esther the night before) asking about how her relationship with the former has been. Hayley admits that she didn't have the opportunity to bond anymore with Elijah because they've been distant in the last couple of months since she became a hybrid, but he remains under her skin. Cami then tells her there is no right answer to it and she has to figure out what's best for her after thinking about it because she's the one who's going to have to live with it. Hayley then notices some red dots on Camille's back that seem to have been punctured into her from her neck down her spine.

Cami goes to the compound seeking help from Klaus only to find out that Davina has neutralized him. Cami tells them about the puncture wounds on her back and that in her uncle's files there's information that tells her its an ancient spell and when she hears "ancient" and "spell" in the same sentence she equals it to Esther.

Kaleb/Kol - after examining the wounds - comes to the conclusion that after Esther attacked her she wiped her memories and cast a Preparation Spell on Cami, preparing her body to become a vessel for someone to jump into, which Kol presumes is Esther herself. Cami demands to see Vincent. She goes to where he is chained up and slaps him, demanding to know why they chose her and without hesitating, Finn tells her that it is because she is "perfect, healthy, beautiful, smart and (ULTIMATELY) alone" thus no one would suspect any personality changes and from what he discovered from their psychological sessions, Klaus would not allow anyone to harm her body, making her the perfect choice for an enemy to possess. Cami tells him to stop the spell and Vincent/Finn says he cannot as only his mother can. Cami says she will step in front of a moving truck before allowing Esther take her body, which shocks Vincent/Finn, who reveals that Esther was priming her for Rebekah and not herself.

Later, Cami asks Kol how long she has, which he answers not long as Esther's found Rebekah and she's unstoppable and once she goes after Rebekah there will be nothing she or anyone can do to stop her, not unless they stop her before then. Cami (who is afraid for her life/consciousness) is convinced that if Marcel (a vampire), Davina and Kol (Harvest and Mikaelson Witches) can work together they can defeat her. Marcel sacks this idea, as Esther is stronger than anything he's ever seen, even than all three of them combined, they're going to need Klaus. Cami begs Davina to resurrect Klaus for her sake and Davina does so.

In The Map of Moments, Camille shows up in the compound, walking in on a moment between Kol/Kaleb and Marcel and convinces Marcel not to kill Kol seeing as he along with Davina is the only one who can protect her from Esther’s extreme powers. Later, Cami is seen talking to Marcel, trying to convince him to let her talk to Vincent by pulling him out of the casket he’d spent 900+ years in. She plans to convince him to make Esther see reason. Cami appeals to Vincent only for him to turn her down and bring to light his dislike of redemption and once he is free he will not stop until he has rid New Orleans of vampires once and for all, and if she is to stand with Klaus and the rest of the vampires, he will take her down with them. Cami then tells Marcel to lock him up again and leaves.

Later, while Klaus, Kol/Kaleb and Rebekah have gone to the Lycée to deal with their part of the plan, Cami, Marcel and Davina are in the Compound. There’s an hourglass in front of Davina, Marcel and Cami. Davina explains that this one is going to be linked to Esther’s hourglass by Kaleb which will make sure they know when to begin a spell that will divert and jam Esther’s super power surge long enough so that she won’t be able to put Rebekah’s inner self within Camille, while simultaneously completely jamming Esther’s powers, keeping her spirit from jumping too. They watch the sands flow down the glasses until the last at which point Cami’s body shudders as her spirit threatens to be suppressed, Davina quickly summons her own strong powers and does the diversion which ultimately causes Esther’s and Davina’s power to collide and cause the hourglasses to explode as Cami and Rebekah fall unconscious, it is unclear whether Esther or Davina is victorious as both Rebekah and Camille are unconscious and Davina cannot feel anything.

When Cami’s body awakens, everyone has gathered around her and Klaus says, “Camille?” then a relieved Cami says she suddenly loves that stupid name and is hugged by Davina, but everyone is worried as Rebekah still has not awoken.

In Gonna Set Your Flag On Fire, Cami is introduced to Hope. Cami and Elijah bond. She also plays a game with him to get him to open up to her. She gets worried when he begins to act differently. When he calms down, she offers her support if he needs someone to talk to as it is her job to listen.

In Brotherhood of the Damned, Cami helps Elijah. She tells him that she knows what it's like when someone forcefully cures them from their pain. Elijah opens up to her and tells her about his red door and story of Tatia. When Elijah suddenly collapses, she talks to Davina over the phone. They realize that Finn is behind everything that happened. She is relieved when Elijah regains consciousness and she is seen holding Hope while Elijah talks to Klaus on the phone.

In The Devil is Damned,

In I Love You, Goodbye, after the safe house explodes, a scared Cami drives Hope away and they stop at a gas station to use a pay phone. Cami gets out and then picks up a crying Hope and, while walking to the phone, Cami drops her change on the ground. Cami swears, apologizes to Hope and tells her she's being brave. Cami hears a noise and yells that she will if anyone tries anything, she'll gouge out their eyes. Elijah appears and they get back in the vehicle and drive back to New Orleans. When they arrive at the Mikaelson mansion, Cami happily gives Hope back to Hayley so she can introduce Hope to Jackson. Later, during Hayley and Jackson's wedding reception, Cami is in the nursery holding hope and looking out the window when Klaus walks in. He says he heard Hope crying and Cami says that she is probably teething.

Cami looks after Hope in the Mikaelson nursery.

Klaus thanks Cami for taking care of Hope and Cami says that Hope likes it in the mansion. Cami asks Klaus if he wants to hold Hope, but he doesn't respond. Cami tells him that even though the situation is overwhelming, according to developmental psychology, if the parents are happy, then the baby is happy. This causes Klaus to smile.

In Save My Soul,



Camille does not possess any supernatural attributes. Camille exhibited an air of pluckiness about her by claiming to Marcel that she has a black belt in karate. She is not judgmental. Her brother's murder-suicide has left her with a need to understand the human psyche, to be able to make sense of the supposed chaos within insanity. She is a person who stands by her morals, as upon learning of her brother's murder's demise, she felt enraged that someone had gotten killed. Likewise, she possesses a strong will, angrily telling Klaus that she will find a way to break through the compulsion's control over her.

Now that she's right smack in the middle of all the chaos and bloodshed in the French Quarter, she has displayed considerable determination to continue what her uncle worked so hard to protect. She stands tall as a human in a town chock full of supernatural creatures.  

Camille is poised, intelligent and astute, able to decipher the psyches of even thousand-year-old immortals. She displays a good sense of humor and a personable nature. She is courageous and spirited, displaying this bravery on numerous occasions, in particular against Mikael. Though she is forever in want of an anlytical and logical standpoint, she is also compassionate and caring.  

Physical Appearance

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Camille is a young woman in her early to mid twenties, standing at approximately 5'6" who has an attractive face possessing green-blue eyes, dark lashes and blonde hair.Her shoulder length hair is worn in a variety of different styles although usually worn pulled back with a clip, exposing her strong jaw line. Camille seems to be absent of heavy make up, and wears a minimal amount of jewelry, usually only a necklace or pendant. She wears a variety of different styles of clothing ranging from colorful knitwear, denim jackets and jeans, floral summer dresses, cardigans with sandals or boots and occasionally matches them with colored scarves. Camille also has a small tattoo on the inside of her left wrist, the significance is however unknown and the tattoo is often hidden beneath her clothing.


Marcellus Gerard

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Marcel spotted Cami walking alone at night and Marcel decided if she was brave, he'd let her live, and if she was dumb, she was dessert. When he startled her, she promptly told him she has a black belt in karate. She lived. She represents an allure to Marcel. Their relationship will further develop as he is drawn to her. She sees him as a hot, sexy bad boy but is afraid of getting herself hurt again. After Camille realized she was compelled by Klaus to date Marcel, she tried to push her feelings onto the compulsion, however Klaus stated whatever feelings she felt for Marcel were real. Their relationship status seems unknown after her realization of being compelled and his relationship with Rebekah, however it was clear that she had developed some sort of attraction to him.

Niklaus Mikaelson

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Klaus spotted Camille earlier on before their meeting whilst with Marcel. He then later met her upon a busy New Orleans street, they were both drawn to the same painting. 

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Her words about the man in the painting being "alone", caused him to show his humanity and seemingly change his mind towards the future of his unborn child. As Klaus wanted to regain control of Marcel's empire, he used Camille and compelled her into being with Marcel in order to get closer to Marcel's weapon. Klaus eventually tells Camille he is a vampire- although compels her not to be afraid and to forget once she leaves. Klaus seems to care for her, more than he would an average human and shows his humanity around her, particularly when taking away her memories so she will have peace of mind due to the events surrounding her brother's supernatural death, although she pleads not to take away her memories he promises he will find out what happened to her brother. Whilst Camille is seen to sympathize with Klaus after he reveals part of his past, after regaining all of her memories, she feels rage towards him and the terms of their relationship is very strained after she threatens him. as the story progresses, the two of them turned allies, especially after Klaus helped Camille with her uncle Kieran's hex, in Season Two, they continue to be friends, and allies, since Camille got involved in the Mikaelson's family drama, and in which, they both saved each others' lives. When Mikael kidnapped Camille, one could tell by Klause's reactions that he felt for Camille. In a recent episode, Camille makes a comment to Davina about how the Mikaelson brothers have a way of getting underneath their skins.

Other Relationships


Episode Absence

Season 1 (TO)

In Season 1, Cami doesn't appear in 4 episodes:

Season 2 (TO)

In Season 2, Cami doesn't appear in 5 episodes so far:


  • Camille is a unisex name of French origin. The meaning of the name is "young ceremonial attendant".
  • O'Connell is a last name of Irish origin.  It is an Anglicization of the Gaelic O Conaill which means descendant of Conall.


  • She came to New Orleans in order to find out information regarding the death of her brother.
  • Camille found out about the existence of the supernatural in Girl in New Orleans, although was compelled not to be afraid by Klaus.
  • She is the only female human on the show with a major role, the other human being Kieran, her uncle.
    • With Kieran now deceased, Camille is the only human on the show (as of now) with a major role. 
  • She has a deceased twin brother whose name was Sean.
    • Sean was hexed by an Elder in the coven and kills many aspiring priests in the church. Agnes was the witch who hexed him as a punishment for his uncle's hand trying to stop the harvest.
  • Camille mistakenly thought Klaus was Rebekah's on and off.
  • So far, she has been compelled by Marcel and Klaus at different times.
  • Davina turns to Camille for help and frees her from Klaus's compulsion the same way she did for Josh.
  • Her uncle Kieran tells Klaus that he thinks Camille should leave New Orleans for her own safety.
  • Camille had fed her blood willingly to both Marcel and Klaus.
  • Camille tried shock therapy to cure her uncle from the hex.
  • Camille urged Klaus to turn her uncle Kieran to a vampire, then agreed that he should be staked when his state worsened.
  • Camille's first interaction with Hayley was during her uncle Kieran's funeral, in which Hayley paid her respects and asked if Camille knew anything about Francesca Correa.
  • Camille learned a secret code when she was only 15 years old by her brother Sean that enables her to decipher secret messages related to her family.
  • Camille was taken hostage by Mikael to lure out Klaus in Red Door.
  • Camille was fed on by Mikael so he can regain some of his strength back.
  • Camille saved Klaus from death by pulling out The White Oak Stake just in time after Mikael stabbed him in the heart.
  • She was handpicked by Esther to be Rebekah's host, seeing Cami as the perfect fit for her daughter.
  • Camille has so far been bitten by Marcel, Mikael, and Hayley.
  • Camille is the second person to find out about Baby Hope still being alive, as Marcel was the first person to know that Baby Hope was alive but was compelled to forget her.
  • Klaus brought Camille to the safehouse where Baby Hope and Elijah were. Klaus took her to the safehouse to protect her from Finn.
  • Camille watched over Hope during Jackson and Hayley's wedding at the Compound.



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