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What are you doing? You're gonna ruin your career!
Brian to Meredith in Our Town

Brian Walters was the medical examiner at Mystic Falls Hospital and the former boyfriend of Meredith Fell. He was killed by the 2010 Mystic Falls Serial Killer.


As a teenager Brian dated Meredith Fell, who later became a doctor and a member of the Town Council as well. He dumped Meredith on Wickery Bridge after prom and she never forgave him. Neither did she ever get over his distaste for the bridge. 

Season Three

Brian was Meredith's ex-boyfriend. He was seen arguing with Meredith the night before he was murdered and then the next morning, it was discovered that he had been killed. He was killed by a wooden stake through his chest, even though he was human. Sheriff Forbes revealed to Alaric and Elena that the stake belonged to the Gilbert Family and had Elena's fingerprints on it.


Brian is a male given name of Irish and Breton origin, and the meaning is "high, noble".


Season Three


  • He is the first victim killed by the 2010 Mystic Falls serial killer - who is later found out to be Alaric Saltzman.


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