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Bree's Bar
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Atlanta, Georgia

Bree's Bar is located somewhere outside of Atlanta, Georgia, and owned and operated by an witch named Bree

Damon came with Elena here in the episode Bloodlines to ask Bree for help. Damon, hoping to release Katherine from the tomb without the crystal, seeks out Bree's help. Unbenounced to Damon, Bree is aware that he staked her friend Lexi. Bree calls Lee, Lexi's lover, to kill Damon, and Lee kidnaps Elena for bait. When Damon attempts to save her, he is badly beaten and soaked with turpentine. Elena saves Damon's life by convincing Lee not to set him ablaze, claiming Lexi wouldn't approve. Afterward, seeking vengeance, Damon kills Bree by ripping her heart out.


In real life Bree's Bar is The Depot Sports Bar address 4122 Emory St NW.

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