I lost your mother to witchcraft. I don’t intend to lose you.

The relationship between the human Rudy Hopkins and his witch daughter Bonnie Bennett.


Bonnie has mentioned her father throughout the first three seasons. In Season One, Bonnie mentioned in 162 Candles that Rudy doesn't like her staying at Sheila's House too long. Sheila replies that it is probably because he thinks she is filling Bonnie's head with "witchy juju." In Season Two, he was mentioned in Rose, when Bonnie told Jeremy that her father doesn't want to know what Bonnie is and he doesn't care about witchcraft. In Season Three, Abby mentioned that though she left Bonnie, she had her father and grandmother, and Jamie had asked Bonnie where her father was, who was out of town at that time.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series


Rudy: "I noticed a few of your friends missing from the assembly. So much for mandatory, I guess, huh?"
Bonnie: "Dad, stop. You can't come in here and start making rules."
Rudy: "I think this town could use a few more rules."
Bonnie: "You're forgetting I can help protect the town."
Rudy: "I'm well-aware of your gifts, Bonnie. But don't forget I'm your father. That means I get to protect you."
-- After School Special

Bonnie: "He already explained this Dad. Pastor Young came to him for help. He was crazy."
Rudy: "No, he was grief-stricken and Shane took advantage of it."
Bonnie: "And somehow talked him into killing a house full of people? It doesn't make any sense."
Rudy: "I've met people like this Bonnie. They're fast-talking, they're charismatic, they're manipulators. They prey on the weak-minded."
Bonnie: "Mmm. And you're worried that's what he's doing to me. That's why you brought him in, isn't it?"
Rudy: "No. We brought him in because April Young told us what he did. Rebekah Mikaelson confirmed it. He confessed to her."
Bonnie: "I'm going in there."
Rudy: "Bonnie, no, you're not."
-- Catch Me If You Can

Bonnie: "Are you serious? You dumped vervain into the water supply? Where did you even get it?"
Rudy: "I have my sources. I'm also reinstating the curfew and canceling all town events."
Bonnie: "Dad, there's a dance tonight."
Rudy: "Not anymore."
Bonnie: "Are you serious?"
Rudy: "Honey, I'm trying to protect you, not punish you. The well-being of this town is my job now."
Bonnie: "No! Dad, it's mine and I've been doing fine without you getting involved!"
Rudy: "You've been doing fine? Would you like me to read you all the names of the people who have gone missing or died in tragic accidents, in your senior year alone? Head straight home please, we're having a family meeting."
Bonnie: "No! Dad, it's mine and I've been doing fine without you getting involved!"
Bonnie: "I have to get to Elena's – have you seen my phone?"
Rudy: "I've got your phone, and I've got your car keys. And I told you, we are having a family meeting."
Bonnie: "Is that something you read in a book? Because we have never had a family meeting."
Rudy: "I've let this go on far enough. Shane said you and your magic are like a ticking time bomb."
Bonnie: "And I told you he's crazy."
Rudy: "I lost your mother to witchcraft. I don't intend to lose you."
Bonnie: "It's not your life, it's mine."
-- A View to a Kill

Rudy: "Congratulations. I'm so proud of you, sweetie."
Bonnie: "Thanks, Dad."
Rudy: "You're welcome."
Bonnie: "For everything."
-- Graduation



  • Rudy was very protective about his daughter Bonnie.
  • Bonnie mentioned in 162 Candles that Rudy doesn't like her staying at Sheila's house too long it is probably because he thinks she is filling Bonnie's head with "witchy juju."
  • Bonnie told Jeremy in Rose that her father doesn't want to know what Bonnie is and he doesn't care about witchcraft.
  • In After School Special, Rudy tells Bonnie he thinks the town could use more rules and that he wants to protect the town becomes the new mayor of Mystic Falls after Carol Lockwood's tragic death. 
  • In Catch Me If You CanAtticus Shane is arrested by Sheriff Forbes, who tells Bonnie it was Rudy's orders.
  • In A View to a Kill, Bonnie discovers that Rudy put vervain in the town's water supply and also canceled town events, such as the 1980s Decade Dance.
  • Rudy had no idea about Bonnie's death in The Walking Dead
  • Rudy last saw Bonnie in Graduation.
  • In Graduation Bonnie hugs her father, thanking him for everything he's done for her.
  • Bonnie was present when Silas killed Rudy in I Know What You Did Last Summer but couldn't do anything as she was a ghost.
  • In True Lies Bonnie tells Jeremy that she wouldn't be able to see her father again because Rudy won't go to The Other Side as he was a human.
  • Bonnie took the revenge of her father's death by not helping Silas when he was sucked into the oblivion in Home.

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