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Bon-Bon, no need for goodbyes. I'll see you on the flip side.
Katherine's last words to Bonnie in Gone Girl

This is the relationship between the doppelgänger Traveler witch/former vampire, Katherine Pierce and the witch, Bonnie Bennett.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series


  • The relationship between Bonnie and Katherine can be considered very different to the relationship between Bonnie's ancestor, Emily Bennett and Katherine. Emily served as a "handmaiden" to Katherine, and provided Katherine with magical assistance as needed. Katherine and Bonnie had an immediate dislike for each other and that has never changed, not even when Bonnie goes to Katherine for help with her plan to defeat Silas.
  • Fans find this team-up to be interesting.
  • Bonnie is the last person Katherine saw and spoke to in her final moments before she was dragged off into an unknown dark dimension in front of her.


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