The only way you’re gonna hurt me is if you leave. Don’t give up on this. Not again. We can make this work.

The mother-daughter relationship between the witch, Bonnie Bennett, and the former-witch-turned-vampire, Abby Bennett Wilson. Their relationship was basically nonexistent being Abby abandoned her as a child. However, they reconnected when Stefan Salvatore asked Bonnie to locate her mother. Bonnie only did it for her friends and to track down Mikael, the vampire hunter who hunted vampires. While allying to find Mikael, Abby and Bonnie grow closer, which was not Bonnie's original intention. While growing closer with each other, Bonnie started growing closer to Jamie, their adopted member of the family. Bonnie has a small fling with Jamie before Abby takes off once again after being forced to turn into a vampire. However, they reconcile eventually. They currently are in contact and are closer than ever to each other.


Abby loves her daughter, Bonnie but they were estranged for over sixteen years. Abby's best friend, Miranda Sommers-Gilbert, asked Abby for help to stop an Original vampire, Mikael from killing her daughter, Elena, the last Petrova doppelgänger. To help her, Abby lured Mikael out of town and used a dark magic-fueled desiccation spell to immobilize him but the spell drained her of nearly all of her magic.  Afterward, Abby realized how much she needed to start over somewhere else, and ultimately left Bonnie to be raised by her father, Rudy Hopkins and grandmother, Sheila Bennett.

Sixteen years later, when Bonnie was trying to figure out how to opened the locked coffin Stefan stole from Klaus, she started having dreams about her mother and decided to go find her. Bonnie then sought help from Elena and Damon Salvatore in locating her.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries series



  • Abby has missed most of Bonnie's life.
  • Abby and Miranda Sommers-Gilbert were best friends like their daughters, Bonnie and Elena.
  • Abby is the first of Bonnie's parents to appear in the series.
  • Bonnie and Abby met each other after over sixteen years in The Ties That Bind.
  • Both Abby and Bonnie were visited by Esther Mikaelson for aid to exterminate the Originals by channeling the power of the entire Bennett bloodline.
  • Abby is the only known person in Bonnie's family that is a vampire.
  • In Before Sunset, Bonnie calls on Abby to help her with the desiccation spell to use it on Alaric, a spell she previously used to entomb Mikael.
  • In A View to a Kill, Abby surprisingly appears at Bonnie's doorstep as she was attempting to leave against her father's orders.
  • Bonnie made a video update to Abby in Dead Man on Campus.
  • It's unknown if Abby knows about Bonnie being The Anchor or her death in Season Five.
    • It's also unknown if she knew of Bonnie's trip to the 1994 Prison World in Season Six.


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