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"The Devil is Damned"
  • Sophie Deveraux said that witches from New Orleans practice Ancestral Magic. She stated that if a witch leaves New Orleans their access to magic is cut off, they cease to be a witch. However, Finn left New Orleans but was still able to practice magic.
  • It is unknown if he was still able to practice magic due to channeling Esther and Mikael.
  • Kol says his siblings were all witches however Elijah and Klaus have referred to them as humans before becoming vampires.
    • Though it is implied that a witch who hasn't activated their gene can be considered human, as only Freya and Kol tapped into their power.
  • Agnes claims that dark objects had no off switch but Kol proved otherwise with a spell. **It's possible she was merely lyi
  • The way the fight scenes are presented often don't make sense power level wise.
"City Beneath The Sea"
  • Josephine had enchanted St. James Infirmary to be a place where all magic is void, similar to the The Magic Purification Spell. However, vampires such as Marcel were able to enter and survive, in theory, he should have died as the vampire species is the result of Esther's spell.
    • However, this could have been due to the fact that the Magic Purification spell stripped Mystic Falls of magic, the spell Josephine performed could of just stopped the practicing of magic.
      • However, this wouldn't make sense as the spell voided Hope's magic suppression bracelet.
"Red Door"
  • When Tatia is running away from Elijah, a stunt double can clearly be seen in place of Tatia.
  • When the stunt double, portraying Tatia trips and falls, the dress tears and can be clearly seen around the right shoulder. However, when Tatia gets back up, the tear is gone.

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