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"Dance Back from the Grave"
  • Camille O'Connell claims to Klaus that she's on vervain, however, she later uses her blood to feed Marcel with no negative consequences. While Marcel was shown taking vervain, Katherine Pierce, who took vervain every day for over a century and a half, still suffered negative side effects while taking it, so Marcel should have suffered some as well.
Cami feeds Marcel

  • The way the fight scenes are presented often don't make sense power level wise.
"Always and Forever"
  • In the flashback, Klaus is seen with two sets of fangs despite it being where he was a vampire and not a hybrid yet.
Klaus TO 1x01 on the ship
Klaus has two set's of fangs

  • Despite saying she (Rebekah) never takes her mothers necklace off in TVD, in flashbacks in TO the necklace is never seen.
Rebekah 1700
Rebekah is wearing a necklace but is not wearing Esther's