But the darkest consequence was something my parents never anticipated... The hunger. Blood...had made us reborn, and it was blood that we craved above all else. We could not control it...
Rebekah on the biggest consequence of vampirism in Ordinary People


Bottled Blood

Blood is a specialized bodily fluid that is responsible for both delivering nutrients and oxygen to the cells as well as transporting metabolic waste products away from those cells. Immortalsvampires and hybrids need to drink blood to function. If a vampiric being cannot feed on blood for an extended period of time, they will weaken to the point of desiccation, which will essentially turn them into a statue-like state until someone else feeds them. Blood is also what provides vampiric beings with their supernatural abilities, such as enhanced strength, speed, agility, senses, healing, and mind control, and as a result, the strength of these abilities can be dependent on how recently they've fed; starvation can weaken a vampiric being's powers considerably, whereas someone who has just fed on a significant amount of blood will experience a slight increase in the strength of these powers. Most vampires drink human blood, but there are some who choose to exclusively drink animal blood, such as Stefan Salvatore, or vampire blood, such as Mikael. However, animal blood does not provide the same level of nourishment to vampires as human blood does, which is why most vampires won't even consider it unless they have no other option.

Witches can integrate the use of blood into their magical practice to strengthen certain types of spells, which range from simple and minor locator spells to more powerful and complex curses and hexes whose effects can be so devastating that they can even kill a human or supernatural creature.

Types of Blood



  • Witches can use magic to boil the blood of a being or turn their blood into acid. Neither of these acts have been seen to be fatal to a vampire or hybrid; however, this would be deadly to humans, which include witches and werewolves.
  • When Qetsiyah created the first true immortals, Nature demanded a balance; in their case, a mortal version of themselves who could die who became known as doppelgängers, or shadow-selves. Other than witches themselves (whose magic infuses their blood, as well as their bones), this is the first known manifestation of blood magic, as, according to Qetsiyah, "they're powerful, mystical, and naturally recurring."
  • Blood magic is a magical practice that heavily relies on blood as a main component of any given spell.
  • While witches typically use blood in their spells, very few witches use their own blood, since they are typically using the blood of others to locate or link them to someone else.
    • Bennett witches are one of the exceptions, as they often use their own blood to bind their spells so that only a fellow Bennett witch can reverse or remove the spell.
  • Doppelgänger blood and Qetsiyah's blood are believed to be the most potent blood utilized in blood magic.
    • The first known use of doppelgänger blood magic lead to the creation of vampires.
  • Witches that perform locator spells to find humans or supernatural being typically employ blood magic in their spells to find their targets, usually the blood of the person they're seeking or a close relative to use their bloodline connection to find them.
    • Witches of New Orleans also use black sand/powder in their locator spells, though when they are desperate to find their target, they typically resort to using blood to strengthen their spell, the most notable occasion was when Dahlia requested to use Klaus' blood to find Hope when she could not sense her magic.
    • Using blood magic makes it more difficult, though not impossible, to hide from a witch performing the locator spell. This was shown when Bonnie performed a locator spell to find Elena (blood donated by Jeremy) who was with Esther. Esther, however was able to effectively block her locator spell by channeling her death spot.
  • Vincent Griffith first named this practice as "blood magic," as they could not heal Cami with Lucien's blood in No More Heartbreaks.
  • When the practice of Blood Magic is couple with creation spells, such as the spells that produced the the Five and the Huntress, human blood can be magically infused giving it special properties such as abilities being passed down through generations or poisonous blood, respectively.

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