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  • Klaroliner7

    The TVD\TO Wiki!

    January 30, 2016 by Klaroliner7

    Will you guys be happy if the whole wiki will have a different set of colors? Like, from red and black (as it is now), to something more easy to the eyes, like it is - for example, in the Game Of Thrones Wiki.

    Will it matter to you? Is it somthing you would support? Or object to?

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  • Tyler Gracyne

    • Nina Dobreva as Elena Gilbert (10/22: UNDEAD)/Katherine Pierce (10/22: HUMAN DOPPELGÄNGER CURE)/Amara (4/10: HUMAN)</span>
    • Paul Wesley as Stefan Salvatore (10/22: UNDEAD)/Silas (10/22: IMMORTAL PSYCHIC)/Daniel Salvatrice-Shane (3/22: UNKNOWN)
    • Ian Somerhalder as Damon Salvatore (10/22: UNDEAD)
    • Candice Accola as Caroline Forbes (9/22: UNDEAD)
    • Kat Graham as Bonnie Bennett (7/22: DECEASED; GHOST) †
    • Zach Roerig as Matt Donovan (6/22: HUMAN)
    • Michael Trevino as Tyler Lockwood (5/22: HYBRID)
    • Steven R. McQueen as Jeremy Gilbert (8/22: HUNTER)
    • Natashia Williams as Lucy Bennett (S1/E1-8; main cast, recast 9-present)
      • Jasmine Marie Villegas as Lucy Bennett (9/22: WITCH)

    • Victoria Justice as Tori Justitia (3/22: TRAVELLER)
    • Kendrick Sampson as Jesse (4/22: WEREWOLF)
    • Grace Phipps as April Young (2/22: Transit…

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  • Shirlycoh1

    New design

    January 25, 2016 by Shirlycoh1

    Did anyone noticed the new wiki design (on the top)?

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  • EllaBella93

    I just would like to know what peoples opinion and thoughts are about the direction they think this shared universe is going? 

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  • OneOnOne1162

    As any people who read my blog here often will know, I'm a big fan of lore and while I think the lore of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals' universe is kind of unclear, oddly enough that's part of what I enjoy about it. I enjoy categorising and figuring out exactly how all of this supernatural stuff could work consistently, reliable, etc. To this end I've written an entry about how the magic in this world seems to work (Mechanics of the impossible), so I thought it was about time I started working on creating something to figure out exactly what it means to be a powerful witch in this universe. This was the result of that.

    Be forewarned that this, just like Mechanics of the Impossible, is still a work in progress.

    Here I seek to rank wit…

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  • Casecr

    I briefly brought this up before, but as troper on TV tropes, I've noticed something about the Vampire Diaries and The Originals fanbase; the constant presence of these two tropes.

    Definition of Draco In Leather Pants: A villainous or morally ambiguous character is beloved by fans, while having their flaws downplayed or ignored. A noticeable example would be Jax Novoa of Every Witch Way, who isn't so much a character than he is this trope incarnate.

    Definition of Ron the Death Eater: A protagonist character in a work is portrayed as evil or an asshole in fanworks, their positive and redeeming qualities downplayed or ignored vehemently by the fans or viewers. A famous example of this trope being Ferris Buller, a sociopathic teenager who had the di…

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  • Leona Sandrine Sanola

    ...I'd be a hybrid, in TVD/TO world, one sired to Hope.

    Wolves are one of my favourite earthlings, and I 'd absolutely love to be part of a loyal pack, all be able to turn at choice, be in control of ourselves, and live forever...

    All pics on wolves taken by me, except the one where I'm with the wolf, obviously eh, yet not being vampirized to pocess that ability to quickly swosh from behind the camera, to next millisecond pose with ma wolfie bud, yao.

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  • OneOnOne1162
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  • Samiha96

    Hi guys!! I'am back with some exciting TVD season 6 & 7 and TO season 2 & 3 voting polls. I hope you will enjoy this!! Please don't forget to give your precious comments!!

    Voting Polls

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  • TheHood-Klaus-Wolf


    Ulfa just lost her pups. 

    Wild Alpha from enemy pack came slaughter them.

    "Oh, my poor Amarog, my poor Bardou, my poor Tasha!" - She was saying to herself, being on the verge of death, too.

    Weeks were passing, Ulfa was licking her wound and gaining her streinght back!

    One day she heard strange noise on the river, sound she has never heard before!

    When she came to the river, she saw what that noise is- it was sound of crying baby, in this case two of them!

    She was hesitant at first, thinking: "That are human offspring, thoose same who hunt and kill my kind!-I should slaughter them!", But than one of them smile to her and she was broken in tears of joy and sadness at the same time.

    She d…

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  • DelenaTheOneAndOnly

    Damon's custom dolls from a magnificent artist Noel Cruz.

    • The Vampire Diaries Dolls

    • Instagram
    • Facebook
    • Official Website
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  • Leona Sandrine Sanola

    We both hooked ourselves to reading Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.

    We both started watching Lost past our bedtime in his room as too young to watch that scary thing you only gonna get nightmares!!! according to our mother dearest  (please, we played Tekken and Mortal Combat as 8 year old youngsters and watched Twin Peaks reruns and X-files during that whole summer we spent at our grandmas, and now we're 15!? Mama, go back to bed...)

    then we moved out of our Family Home...

    Later... I introduced him to True Blood,

    He introduced me to Merlin,

    I introduced him to the Walking Dead,

    He introduced me to Ice and Fire / Game of Thrones,

    we called eachother same day* to inform the other about the spin-off Fear the Walking Dead, ...and Now! I soon will…

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  • Striker 1267


    January 15, 2016 by Striker 1267
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  • Johnwawet


    January 15, 2016 by Johnwawet


    • [ IMDb]
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  • Big Brother 99

    Hi there everyone,

    I am holding auditions for my fan fiction called Disappearing into the fallen angels.

    It is about the story of Katherine Pierce, Elena Gilbert and this new threat called Bella, who is the ancestor of Caroline Forbes.

    One summer's day in Mystic Falls in the year 2070 when Elena finally wakes up from her slumber

    • Name:
    • DOB:
    • DOD: (If Possible)
    • Family Members
    • Appearance
    • History
    • Trivia
    • Phycology
    • Super natural type:

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  • Leona Sandrine Sanola

    Camille may understand Klaus better, but he and Aurora is so much more alike.
    I am bipolar myself and even though I fall more intensly in love with people like me, there is no way I could build a future with such a person, cause there is no clue where we would end up, it's just too crazy a life. I found mysef in too weird situations all of a sudden when following my heart blindly, one day of calmness to ending up in a different country even. It's like an evergoing rollercoaster, and you hurt eachther so much, and the next second you haven't ever loved anyone or anything as much.
    I need someone as calm and understanding and life guiding as Camille to hold me back on this earth, and I think Klaus is of the same sort, he loves them both, but I …

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  • Original Authority

    Chat Theme

    January 9, 2016 by Original Authority

    Howdy fellow wikians. If you do not know who I am, then allow myself to say, I am probably the one responsible for the little design changes you see around here, done very discreetly obviously, including font imports, search modifications etc. And now, I bring a chat theme! Now, if you've read my profile, you can see that I included that I like to work 'behind the scenes' which is where I bring this theme from, but now I'm rambling. I've included screencaps of what the theme entails as well as a description of the features. You can get the code by adding this to your :

    You can request customization in the comments or on my message wall.

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  • Big Brother 99

    This is the list of things that need attention.

    • Use: Stubs For More!

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  • Big Brother 99

    Duplicate Images

    January 6, 2016 by Big Brother 99

    This blog is for duplicate images that need deleting.

    • Season Posters - Done - 100%
    • Episodes - Done - 100%
    • Characters - Done - 100%
    • Places - Done - 100%
    • Items - Done - 100%

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  • SurviveLikeAPetrova

    So, I just recently read a story on Fanfiction and it had Lucien and Freya as one of the couples. At first I thought this was weird, but then I did some looking around and they're featured on tumblr and a contributor on Lucien's page said that they wanted Lucien to be with Freya, and now I hardcore want the ship to happen. So, who agrees to a relationship between the Mikaelson firstborn and the first vampire of the Original sireline?

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  • NikkiB

    A/N: I'm so happy to participate again in the A2A Delena Christmas Exchange! I wasn't sure I will have the time to write one prompt, but I knew I couldn't just miss it this year.

    As you can see, I can get a little carried away with one-shots (6k words!), but I hope it's not too crappy and you'll enjoy it. I just got a new beta, Hollie - Thank you for looking it over and correcting my mistakes!

    Prompt by dope_rev:

    Set after 3x14, the Mikaelson's Ball during which Elena states that Damon's love for her might be the problem.

    Elena realises that this Christmas is not going to be merry at all as she finds herself alone at home on the 24th until the phone rings and an exhausted Sheriff Forbes begs her to come and pick up a drunk Damon Salvatore, who…

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  • Ppalba

    Game of Thrones

    December 24, 2015 by Ppalba

    Character Episode Total
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
    Eddard Stark

    Robert Baratheon

    Jaime Lannister

    Catelyn Stark

    Cersei Lannister

    Daenerys Targaryen

    Jorah Mormont

    Petyr Baelish

    Viserys Targaryen

    Jon Snow

    Sansa Stark

    Arya Stark

    Robb Stark

    Theon Greyjoy

    Bran Stark

    Joffrey Baratheon

    Sandor Clegane

    Tyrion Lannister


    Character 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Total

    Character Episode Total
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
    Eddard Stark

    Character 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Total
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  • Damonsalvator101

    Damon Salvator

    December 16, 2015 by Damonsalvator101

    It makes me mad that Damon will never be happy But at the beginning of the show when damon comes in and he says "hello brother" was anyone else falling or drooling over him

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  • OneOnOne1162

    The Originals is a show about many things. It's a show about old vampires warring amongst each other, it's about the reclaiming of a home, it's about parents and children and perhaps most crucially, at least in my opinion, it's about the relationships between the Mikaelson siblings. The oldest of these, dating back even to the second season of The Vampire Diaries, is the one between Klaus and Elijah. It's a relationship that has gotten plenty of attention in the series and one I think is very, very interesting. However, I also think that while the writers have created two interesting characters with an interesting dynamic, there are a few crucial aspects of the relationship that have not been wholely explored. Here I'd like to explain what…

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  • OneOnOne1162

    Family, as I'm sure all viewers know, is a very central theme to The Originals. More specifically how parents can shape their children, is a very important issue. From how Klaus shaped Marcel, to how Mikael shaped Klaus. But despite a great focus on Mikael in this regard, and Klaus greatly demonizing Mikael, there's not quite as great a focus on Esther's actions (or perhaps rather lack thereof). Now yes, Klaus certainly hates his mother too for various reasons, but there's one reason I think that Esther is in fact far worse than Mikael. Namely her inaction.

    Mikael's treatment of Klaus was horrific and abusive, but it wasn't deceptive. In addition, you could hardly say that Mikael was acting with a clear mind. As twisted as it may be, Mikael…

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  • BeautifulBelle1993

    I have decided to write a fanfiction based off of Hope, where she was adopted under unknown circumstances to a human family, and has absolutley no idea of the supernatural world around her. She ends up going to college in New Orleans, where things will unravel for her there. I would love for you guys to create characters (Villians, protagonists), all i ask is that you can somehow relate them to the main characters in some shape or form and I am also looking for an actress to play an older Davina, since this will take place 18  years after the current timeline and if possible Cami too. I already have some of the main characters planned out, but i plan on adding at least one or two of your characters into the main cast. Down below you can fi…

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  • OneOnOne1162

    As watchers of The Originals I think we all love the members of the original family. We've spent many hours watching them. Seeing their history, their pain, their pleasure, their tears and their smiles. But I hope most of us realise that while we enjoy watching them, if we knew them in real life, if we were not able to look into their lives this way but simply saw their acts on the nightly news we would think they were absolutely horrible people. Psychopathic monsters.

    Of course, we also know that the originals themselves don't see themselves in that way. But why is that? Well, let's take a look at how the individual originals may rationalise away their acts.

    Let's start with self-proclaimed good guy: Finn. When we first meet Finn in season …

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  • Breexox11


    December 1, 2015 by Breexox11

    Where is everyone lately it's like no one's on here anymore

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  • OneOnOne1162

    The Originals and The Vampire Diaries are, obviously worlds in which things like magic and the supernatural exist. However, magic, as in many fantasy stories, must still follow certain rules. This blog post is meant to give a little bit of an overview of the rules that have been established so far and is meant to also give a small overview of magic in this universe. I will likely add to this over time, so if I've missed something don't flip out quite yet, it may be coming still. Though feel free to comment with anything I may have missed.

    I should also mention that I'm using my own interpretation of the facts and classification system for the lore, though backed up by evidence from the story, so there will be speculative elements to this bl…

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  • Tommy,Klaus&Kol2012+

    these are potential enemies for the MFG and mikaelsons after julian/the heretics/rayna and the trinity/the strix/the beast, im not going to include new species(explained that) or the original werewolf pack(explained that too) and in the originals case, I doubt they will face enemies from the humans, crescents or the covens again but im not entirely ruling it out

    ?- the brotherhood of the five

    ?-tools to create augustine vampires, originals vampires, immortals, time travel and the travellers

    ?-the friends and family of the deceased or those hurt by other characters/jules/carys pack

    the vampire souls in the phoenix stone 

    lee or  lucy or charlotte or abby or nandi or april or sarah(coming back to get revenge on the MFG)

    The Originals:



    the a…

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  • The Original Jurassic Vampire

    Vote your favorite Villain from each season. To Vote you must use the Poll, if you have a 'why' review use the comment box.

    The polls will be updated weekly, when possible.    

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  • The Original Jurassic Vampire

    , (bottom) Rebekah Mikaelson]]

    Maisie Richardson-Sellers (born 2 March 1992) is an english actress from England, she began her career in 2011 and has a role in the highly anticipated Star Wars: The Force Awakens which releases in December 2015.

    She is best known for her role on The Originals playing both Original Vampire, Rebekah Mikaelson and sadistic witch, Eva Sinclair. Maisie was first introduced into the series in the winter-finale The Map of Moments, she left the show in November 2015 for full-time work on ABC Show Of Kings and Prophets which begins on March 8, 2016.

    This story will cover everything featuring Eva Sinclair and Witch Rebekah Mikaelson.

    Maisie Richardson-Sellers first appeared in Season Two of The Originals, when Esther Mikaelson…

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  • Brad Davenport

    as the s7 of TVD is said to be the last do you think that TO will end after S3.

    I think that it more likely will than not.

    Beacuse of the prophecy the Originals will die. So will TVD vamps.

    And as the other side is gone,they can't be ressurected, that only leaves things such as the Phoenix Stone, which I think will be destroyed. But if they manage to ressurect them the originals can go on while TVD can end.

    If both end I will be most likely writing a continuation.

    Leave your though in the comment section below ;)

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  • Clarysfairchilds

    Wikia Malfunctions

    November 6, 2015 by Clarysfairchilds

    I'm the person who writes The Originals transcripts after the episodes air, and I'm trying to work on the transcript for The Axeman's Letter, but for some reason I can't access source mode or publish any edits even in visual mode without a 503 error coming up. It appears that others have been able to edit and update articles on this wiki, since I've seen the edit log with articles updated as recently as ten minutes ago, so I'm not sure what's going on or if it's something I did or a problem with my computer or something else. I opened the page in another browser and it still didn't work, and I even logged out and that didn't help either.

    Is there anyone else who is having that problem or who knows what's going on? Did I do something wrong, …

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  • Stefann15

    Bloodlines (Season 1)

    November 4, 2015 by Stefann15

    Bloodlines follows the lives of various vampire and werewolf families that live in Hailey, Idaho. Russell and May Nguyen are twin siblings who were turned into vampires when they were 17 by Maxim Whitaker. They currently live under the protection of Mario Rossini the head of the strongest werewolf pack in Hailey, who also owns and operates the Moon Lite Grill restaurant. While trying to exist unseen in a world that knows nothing of them, the twins are unknowingly pivotal players in a dangerous scheme by dark forces that seek to forever alter the balance of power in the endless war between humanity and the creatures of the night.

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  • Witnessme

    EDIT: Click here to checkout the 2015 Holiday Gift Guides!

    Do you have a diehard Vampire Diaries fan in your life? We all have that one friend who can’t decide whether they are team Delena, Stelena, Steroline, or Bamon. As Christmas approaches it may be hard to find something special to buy them. If you’re looking for some unique options head over to our YIF 2015: Holiday Gift Guides. We’ve asked your fellow Wikia users to submit their realistic (i.e. Vampire Diaries novel ) and over-the-top gift ideas (i.e. a visit to The CW set).

    Feel free to submit your own gift idea on the YIF 2015: Holiday Gift Guides page and include a picture too!

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  • Supernaturaltvshowsareawesome

     Mary-louise is like Marmite (something you put one toast) you either love her or you hate her but as she begins to grow as a character, you start to relate feelings or emotons to her.Personally i think Mary-louise is like she is now because of what her family did to her after finding out she was a siphoner. She is very protective of the people she loves because the people she loved nad thought was her family abandoned her because she was different. I believe she is scared she will be abandoned again

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  • Breexox11


    October 29, 2015 by Breexox11

    If out there are any Teen Wolf fans out there

    Please visit and contribute to a new wiki

    Teen Wolf Wikia - Wikia

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  • DelenaTheOneAndOnly

    Please vote for the best (and worst) season of .

    Worst < — > Best
    S5 S6 S4 S1 S2 S7 S3

    • Bros vs Hoes

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  • Brad Davenport

    Think about it vamps in New Orleans could sell their blood in ounces for 100 bucks a piece.

    100 people a day for 365 days. alot of cash. Or turning people, like the ones who get so excited by the perks of being a vampire that they would pay 1000 a person.

    They could all have millions.

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  • DelenaTheOneAndOnly

    Bros vs Hoes

    October 23, 2015 by DelenaTheOneAndOnly

    Team Stefan 194 — 343 Team Damon

    • The Best Season of TVD
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  • OneOnOne1162

    I just finished the most recent episode of The Originals, You Hung the Moon, and I've decided that instead of doing any sort of review of the whole thing, I'm going to simply comment on something which I think was an episode highlight: Camille.

    Now, many fans I think overlook Camille as a character, as anything more than a romantic interest for Klaus, but I've always found her and her position quite fascinating. This episode I felt like was the first episode to start truly acknowledging some of what I think is interesting about her character. Allow me to explain...

    Camille is in essence one of the few purely good characters on the show. She's never killed anyone and instead of opting for shows of force she usually tries to get people to opt …

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  • Tommy,Klaus&Kol2012+


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  • Alaric Saltzman

    My new video!

    October 8, 2015 by Alaric Saltzman

    Hi! I's been a while (almost 3 years) since I made my last music video.

    I'll upload my new video in a couple of days. But this time, it's not related to The Vampire Diaries or The Originals. It's my Harry Potter Tribute. I'm a huge Potterhead and I've wanted to make that video for several years, but I never had the time. Now it's done. I also made a short teaser.

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  • OneOnOne1162

    So after season 2 of The Vampire Diaries I think, as I think many agree with, the series went downhill quite a bit. Season 3, especially towards the middle, was a mere shadow of The Vampire Diaries' former self and season 4 I think was by far the worst season.

    So taking on this mindset in this blog entry I want to put forth what I think is the biggest sin The Vampire Diaries has committed against its own story and lore since season 2. I'd also be rather curious to hear what everybody else thought were the series' biggest sins, so if you would all be so kind as to leave a comment on the matter I would appreciate that. Anyway, my personal winner is...

    The Deaths of Finn & Kol

    The way Finn and Kol were killed off in seasons 3 and 4 of The Vampir…

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  • OneOnOne1162

    Symbolism in fiction takes many forms. Sometimes it's an old man singing in the background of a suicide, sometimes it's a sprawling desert or a title which references a poem or even just a colour. I think in case of The Originals there's symbolism to hair colour in two isolated cases. Basically, something I noticed was how both Klaus and Marcel share a prediliction for blonde haired girls with blue eyes. In fact, neither have shown any true feelings for anyone that doesn't fit that mold. I think this may in fact be a very intentional move by the writers for both of these characters. So if this is symbolism, then what does it mean? Well, in my opinion...

    I think Rebekah reminds Klaus of his mother Esther. Not only do they also have a very cl…

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  • OneOnOne1162

    Anyone who's read my previous article "Becoming the Destroyer - A Psychological Analysis of Mikael" knows that I love the character of Mikael. I loved him when he first appeared on The Vampire Diaries and I loved him on The Originals. When I realised he'd been revived by Davina for season 2 I was thrilled. But despite enjoying the shading that Mikael got in some scenes of season 2, like the scene in which him and Davina talk about his father and the scene in which he justifies his actions to Camille, I've always felt like he was underused in season 2 and too often used as no more than a blunt object. A character who spoke in scenes only through violence and who attempted to reach his goals in much the same way. While the fight scenes betwe…

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  • Hougaandit

    Apostrophes and founders

    September 24, 2015 by Hougaandit

    In the TV series The Vampire Diaries, Mystic Falls, the main town in which the series is set, was founded by multiple families. So the possessive should be founders' not founder's (which would mean there is only one founder).  How well is this spelling applied throughout the series?

    In episode 1x04 we can see the original guest registry as "Founders Council" without any apostrophes.

    In episode 1x15 there is a banner labelled "Founder's Day Fundraiser".

    In episode 1x18, we see "Mystic Falls Founders' Hall".

    Later in the same episode, we see the sign "Founders' Day 150 Year Kick-Off".

    In episode 1x19, we see the apostrophe has disappeared from the Founders' Hall sign!  What happened?  I'm guessing the apostrophe wasn't stuck on well and it fell o…

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  • DelenaTheOneAndOnly

    Relationship State

    September 23, 2015 by DelenaTheOneAndOnly

    Relationships state at the moment in .

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  • Alaric Saltzman

    Welcome! Another award season is over. It's time to announce the results. First, I regret to inform you that some of the voters found a way to vote multiple times. Those votes will not be counted.

    This was an interesting one. Lots of surprises. More than 1000 people have voted in both polls. These are the results:

    The Vampire Diaries
    • Favorite Character: Damon Salvatore (for the 6th time) Bonnie was close (27% vs 25%)
    • Favorite Male Character: Damon Salvatore (for the 5th time)
    • Favorite Female Character: Bonnie (1st time), Elena was close (44% vs 37%)
    • Favorite Episode: (16%) followed by (13%)
    • Favorite Chapter: The Parker Chapter (episodes 8-15) won by ONLY 3 votes! The Salvatore chapter had 397 votes while The Parker Chapter had 400.
    • Best Villain: Mal…
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