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I met Barnette and Giuseppe this evening. I saw the skepticism in their eyes when I showed them the compass.
— An extract from one of Gilbert's journals.

Barnette Lockwood was a relative of Benjamin, Lady Nancy-Marie Lockwood, and George Lockwood. Barnette was a carrier of the werewolf gene. He lived in Mystic Falls during or shortly after its founding, as did Benjamin, and was apparently an important member of the Founder's Council.

It was he and Giuseppe Salvatore to whom Johnathan Gilbert first showed the vampire compass. Barnette asked if it was magical, which Johnathan denied, before stating that he would believe it only after he saw it working himself. He later played an active role in the rounding up of the vampires in 1864.

Barnette was a member of the Lockwood Family and member of the Founder's Council.

Early History

Barnette was a member of the Founder's Council back in the 1860s and was apparently an important member at the time.

He and Giuseppe Salvatore were the first people Johnathan Gilbert showed the vampire compass to. Barnette had asked if it was magical, but Johnathan stated that he would believe it only after he saw it work himself.

Barnette was also one of the many residents of Mystic Falls in rounding up the vampires in 1864.

Physical Appearance

Barnette is shown to have brown-grayish hair with brown eyes. He appears to be in his mid 40s-early 50s.


Season One


  • Barnette comes from an Old English origin, and the meaning is "a place cleared by burning". It is also a variation of Barnett and can be a surname. [1]
  • Lockwood is of English origin and means "enclosure forest". [2]


  • Barnette was portrayed by Ric Reitz in the Season One episode Children of the Damned.
    • However, Reitz was mistakenly credited as Benjamin Lockwood.
  • His relationship with Benjamin, George and the rest of the family has never been explained; he was also absent from the Stefan's Diaries series.


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