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Previously on The Originals

MARCEL: This blade is imbued with dark magic. It will cause unending agony.
FREYA: Glad you showed up.
KEELIN: You did cure me of my curse, so, let's see this thing through. It's what friends do, right?
VINCENT: The Hollow is coming.
DOMINIC: It wants you here. You freed it and now it must be fed.
HAYLEY: Elijah, I think The Hollow made Mary's husband kill my parents. What if it needs to finish what it started?
FREYA: The Hollow wants Klaus and Marcel to kill each other, and when they die, it will absorb their power, and then I'll never be able to stop it.
MARCEL: I'm not this thing's puppet and neither are you.
FREYA: My spells have Marcel bound and cloaked.
ELIJAH: If you should prevent the redemption of Niklaus Mikaelson, I promise you, I will deliver another kind of nightmare.
DOMINIC: Marcel's blood was spilled today. A single scratch from that thorn will kill an Original.

Vincent's House

[Vincent is recording himself as he speaks.]

VINCENT: 1953, cluster of violent rituals in four different locations, all in the span of two months. Similarity of the rituals, to me, suggests a possible connection to the Hollow. 1992, more violent clusters, this time in Algiers, Tremé, the Bayou, and Marigny. Again, four different locations. Why is it always four locations?

[There is a knock on the door; it's Elijah.]

VINCENT: What do you want?
ELIJAH: Can we at least pretend to be civilized?
VINCENT: We're supposed to be civil? Does Marcel know that? I'd ask him but I can't find him anywhere.
ELIJAH: It is outrageous. Where is that young man's sense of courtesy? Now please, invite me in.
VINCENT: Tell me where Marcel is.
ELIJAH: Detained, until we can be sure he is free of this thing's vile influence.
VINCENT: You Mikaelson's, you always find a way to get right back on top, don't you? I bet you've got a plan all figured out.
ELIJAH: As a matter of fact, I do. A rather festive one. Let me tell you about it.
VINCENT: Well, if it's gonna help me fight this thing, you're gonna have to know what you're up against. Come in before I change my mind.
ELIJAH: Wonderful. [Elijah walks in to enter Vincent's house.]


The Abattoir

[A bunch of people are walking around with decorations. Hayley walks in with a confused look on her face.]

HAYLEY: We were heading out, and now we're throwing a party? I see.
KLAUS: One that will be attended by New Orleans' most influential creatures.
HAYLEY: You do realize that everyone hates you?
KLAUS: But they love Marcel. And as the invite states, he is the co-host. Tonight we celebrate our truce.
HAYLEY: So you're throwing a fake party, in honor of a fake truce, and your guest of honor is in a dungeon?

[Klaus starts to walk down the stairs.]

KLAUS: Marcel's attendance would only complicate matters, besides I'll have my hands full weeding out those in league with The Hollow.
HAYLEY: Have fun with that. Hope's with Mary, I'm just looking for Freya
KLAUS: What do you need of her?
HAYLEY: Just a favor.

Vincent's House

VINCENT: This thing has been haunting the city for a very long time. And before today the only thing I knew about it was that it was a spirit, practiced some very dark magic, and it was trying desperately to get back into this world. And that's why it tried to sacrifice those kids. That's why it tried to do the exact same thing to Marcel and to Klaus. Because of it kills them, if they die, it absorbs all of their power.
ELIJAH: Talk to me about this.
VINCENT: This is the history of the city. This is the ebb and flow of violence and tragedy.

[Vincent gets up and points to his corkboard which has links and details about The Hollow on it.]

VINCENT: Look, this is, um, Madame LaLaurie, this is uh, The Axeman. I mean the list goes on and on and on and on and on and sometimes it's hidden, but if you know what you're looking for, right, there's always a sign it's The Hollow. And when it does bubble up, it always do so in a pattern of four.
ELIJAH: What does it want?
VINCENT: It's a ghost, it, it, it wants access to this world. So it reaches out and it whispers to the desperate.
ELIJAH: There have to be other's, someone else, someone who could speak to us of its desires, of its weaknesses.
VINCENT: You think this person might be at your party?
ELIJAH: I'm counting on it.

[Vincent nods.]

ELIJAH: I'm counting on you. Help me find them.


FREYA: We Mikaelson's do know how to party. Live music, open bar, dancing. Of course, you don't have to come.
KEELIN: Uh, do you know how long it's been since I got to dress up and drink free booze? If there's a party, I'm in.
FREYA: Good.

[They laugh and smile at each other.]

FREYA: Although, there is one matter that needs to be addressed, so things aren't awkward.

[Hayley walks in and Freya turns to look at her.]

FREYA: Speaking of which.

[Keelin nods and smiles.]

KEELIN: Yeah...

Josh's Loft

[Josh runs down the stairs. Sofya is sitting on the sofa.]

SOFYA: Late start to the day, Josh?
JOSH: Okay...hi, creepy. You know normal people, like, knock.
SOFYA: Normal is boring.
JOSH: Eh, tomato, tomato. Are you here to kill me?
SOFYA: Now, why would you think that?

[Sofya stands up and walks towards him.]

JOSH: That's what you tried to do the first time we met, and it's not like our friendship has evolved, so...

[Sofya picks up the invite for the Mikaelson's party and looks at it.]

SOFYA: My priorities have changed. Just now, I'm focused on event planning. For instance, don't you find it odd that the Mikaelson's are hosting a party with Marcel, yet no one has seen him in over twenty-four hours?
JOSH: Because he's locked in a dungeon? After Marcel went missing, some construction guys sealed off the tunnels under Rousseau's, so, you know... one plus one equals captured.
SOFYA: They invited you hoping to sell the illusion that it was Marcel's idea. Well, it's your lucky day. I'm your plus one.
JOSH: Yeah, actually, I wasn't even gonna go.
SOFYA: I'll be damned if I'm gonna let Marcel rot right underneath Klaus' feet. This might be your once chance to get him out. I can deal with Klaus. You will find Marcel. Or I will reconsider allowing you to live.

[She smiles and walks out of the loft.]


[Keelin throws a dart at the dartboard and it lands in the middle. People around her cheer.]

HAYLEY: I like her for what it's worth.

[Freya laughs.]

FREYA: Uh, all the same, I should have told you she was still here. I'm sorry I didn't.
HAYLEY: Well, you can make up for it by doing me a favor.

[Hayley gets closer to Freya and lowers her voice.]

HAYLEY: I learned about the man who killed my parents. He was connected to The Hollow. I was just a baby when they were killed, I don't remember it, but I, I do know where they were killed. I was hoping maybe with your spells, and your witchcraft...
FREYA: You want me to do a reading. Hayley, violent death has a very specific energy. I could conjure up whatever there is to see, but you might not like it.
HAYLEY: I don't think I have a choice.

The Abattoir

[People are walking around decorating for the party. Klaus looks to be chiseling an ice sculpture. Elijah is walking towards him.]

ELIJAH: Ah, you've outdone yourself.
KLAUS: I'm inclined to agree. It's such a shame these lovely linens will soon be red with blood.
ELIJAH: Violence must only be seen as a last resort, it will only weaken our position.
KLAUS: Yes, well, I'm a creature of very specific habits.

[Klaus points the chisel at Elijah, but Elijah removes it from Klaus' hand and starts to walk away from him.]

ELIJAH: Brother, please, remember that the point of tonight is to create a false sense of security. A little music, a little champagne, some stealthy reconnaissance.. no bloodshed.

[Elijah turns around and points the chisel at Klaus like a sword, waving it as one would wag their finger while scolding a child.]

ELIJAH: Do we understand each other?

[Klaus walks towards Elijah who is grabbing a bottle of champagne from a worker at a booth.]

KLAUS: They threatened me. They threatened my child. Bloodshed is inevitable.
ELIJAH: And how do we protect Hope from all of this?

[Klaus seems to be at a loss of words as he goes to say something but stops.]

ELIJAH: She worships you, Niklaus. And she must not see the monster.

[Klaus places his arms on the table and rests his nose against his hands as though he's praying and begins to talk in a frustrated voice.]

KLAUS: I do not wish for her to see me as a monster, but I cannot sit idly by while threats to our family go unanswered.
ELIJAH: They won't. Now let me do this.

[Elijah places his arm on troubled Klaus' shoulder reassuringly.]

ELIJAH: Please. And should any turmoil arise, should anyone dare to disrupt our kingdom, let them answer to me.

[Klaus looks to Elijah and gives him a small nod.]

[Hours later the Abattoir is decorated and filled with people. There are balloons colored in the theme of Mardi Gras, musicians playing jazz and many people socializing and drinking champagne. Elijah is greeting all of the guests who arrive and showing them around.]

[Meanwhile, the scene flashes to Marcel who sits still trapped in the sealed off tunnels. Klaus appears behind the locked gate to taunt him.]

KLAUS: How the mighty have fallen, how the tables have turned.

[He opens the gate and walks in closer to Marcel.]

KLAUS: I'm still trying to find the right idiom.

[He smirks triumphantly.]

MARCEL: How about you and your fancy jacket and tie go straight to hell?
KLAUS: What goes around, comes around.

[Klaus pulls Tunde's blade from his jacket slowly.]

KLAUS: I think that fits.

[Marcel's face drops a bit when he sees the blade.]

MARCEL: You ransacked my place. Classy.
KLAUS: Well, to the victor goes the spoils. And now that you know I have it, you know I can use it at my leisure.

[Marcel stands up and looks Klaus in the eye fearlessly.]

MARCEL: Then use it. Or else go back to your stupid party.

[Marcel turns away from Klaus and Klaus smirks as he also turns away from Marcel, twirling the blade around tauntingly.]

KLAUS: Excellent, you can hear our merriment above. Freya assured me that you would. She also assured me that her boundary spell would render you invisible to anyone outside our bloodline.
MARCEL: If you think that waving that blade around is going to scare me, you're more desperate than I thought.
KLAUS: You misunderstand. This is not to scare you, it is merely to illuminate your conundrum. You see, there are those who care about you, who would see you free: Joshua, Vincent..
MARCEL: Threatening my friends, that is low.
KLAUS: And then there's that girl you've been seeing.

[Klaus taunts as he walks back over to Marcel.]

KLAUS: Sofya. Well, come on. Tell me about her. After all, the more familiar I am with her, the easier it will be to avoid any little... misunderstandings.

[Marcel and Klaus stand face-to-face again as they stare each other down.]

MARCEL: Don't worry about her. She's a mercenary. She works for the highest bidder. So it's just business, with some pleasure.

[Klaus stares into Marcel's eyes and drops his voice to a low, threatening tone.]

KLAUS: Well, I do very much look forward to meeting her.

[Klaus walks away, leaving Marcel alone again.]

[The scene switches back to the party where Elijah stands at the top of the stairway in the hall with a glass of champagne in his hand as he gives a speech. The rest of the guests quiet and look up at him attentively.]

ELIJAH: My dear friends, tonight we celebrate an alliance between our family and Marcel Gerard.

[Vincent arrives and watches Elijah give his speech.]

ELIJAH: Unfortunately, as is his custom, Marcel is unfashionably late. So until such a time as he graces us with his presence, let us all raise a glass and salute the glorious city of New Orleans.

[Elijah starts to raise his glass but Klaus cuts him off with a speech of his own.]

KLAUS: But before we do, my brother and I wish to acknowledge a painful truth. Our relationship with this city, and indeed with most of you, has been long and complicated. We hope you will be put at ease knowing that we intend but a brief and peaceful stay. Let this evening be a rest bit from past grievances and an opportunity to form new friendships. Cheers.

[They all raise their glasses and toast. Music starts to play again and Vincent makes his way through the crowd, shaking hands with everyone he comes across. He eyes Dominic but runs into Josh.]

JOSH: Hey. Well, stiff drinks, hot waiters. Seems like a cool shindig. Know what I could really use?
VINCENT: Any word whatsoever from Marcel Gerard.
JOSH: Bingo. I was going to look into that with, uh, help from a certain homicidal supermodel, not that she gave me much choice. You got a plan?
VINCENT: I'm not walking around this party shaking hands with everybody for no reason.

[Sofya is walking down a corridor, towards Dominic.]

DOMINIC: Do you have the weapon?
SOFYA: The Hollow will have Klaus. Don't you worry about it.

[Sofya walks away. Dominic smiles before also walking away. Klaus is walking around.]

VINCENT: Nice speech.

[Klaus closes his eyes and turns around.]

VINCENT: It was a nice speech, but I don't think anybody bought it.
KLAUS: Well, your concern has been duly noted. Now, why don't you go back to making friends. We can find out which one of these freeloaders is working for The Hollow.
VINCENT: Yeah, and while I'm doing that, are you gonna do anything the help the cause.
KLAUS: Oh, I'm going to be playing host.

[Klaus smirks and walks away. Josh is walking and looking around. He goes upstairs and knocks on one of the doors. He opens the door, but before he can go in, the scene cuts.]

Unknown House

[Hayley and Freya pull up at the house and get out of the car. They walk inside and shine their flashlights around. The inside of the house is unkempt and looks abandoned.]

HAYLEY: Are you positive this will work?
FREYA: I can feel the energy that was trapped in here when your parents died. So, yeah, it'll work. But are you sure you want to?

[Hayley is looking around and picking things up. She slowly stands up.]

HAYLEY: I've always wondered what my parents might've been like, what they might’ve thought of me. Missing these people I never even knew. But if this can help us fight the thing that came after my daughter, then let's get it over and done with.

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