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The Back to School Party is an annual evening event, where students from Mystic Falls High School gather together to celebrate the beginning of the schoolyear as a new year level.


This event first appeared in the first episode of Season 1, it was the setting for Vicki Donovan's attack by Damon Salvatore. Stefan and Elena also met there after Elena invited him and it was where Elena confided in Stefan about her parents' death at Wickery Bridge after she had gone to the school party.


The event appeared once again in Season 3, one year had passed and it was once again the beginning of the schoolyear, Alaric, DamonElena, and Caroline used the party to execute their plan to capture Stefan, who had turned off his humanity. Elena pretended to become drunk much to the amusement of Stefan who followed her as she left the party, Still pretending to be intoxicated she climbed up some railings and fell from a large height forcing Stefan to catch her. While he was distracted Alaric shot him in the back. However thanks to Vicki Donavon who tried to kill Elena, the plan was unsuccessful.





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