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This magic you speak of breeds consequence. This is the making of a plague Esther. The spirits will turn on you.
— Ayana to Mikael and Esther.

Ayana was the best friend and mentor of Esther. She was also an extremely powerful witch.

Ayana was a member of the Bennett Family.

Early Life


Esther begs Ayana to save Henrik

Born during the Middle Ages of Europe, Ayana became a dear friend and mentor of another witch named Esther. After the untimely death of Esther and Mikael's first newborn child, Ayana informed the couple about a mystical land, where the inhabitants experienced good health, speed and strength.

After their arrival in Mystic Falls, Ayana became well-known and revered for her communion with spirits, and her insight on the metaphysical and spiritual realms.

After the brutal death of Esther's youngest son, Henrik, both Esther and Mikael begged Ayana to transform them into what are now known as vampires using the immortality spell. Ayana claimed that the spirits forbid her to do so, and Esther was forced to perform the immortality spell herself.

After the ferocious murder of Esther, Ayana preserved Esther's body with a spell so that she could one day return and destroy her family.


Ayana means "blessed" in Native American (specifically Cherokee, according to one source), which would be appropriate. 


Season 3


  • Ayana was Esther's mentor and she is one of the most powerful witches in the series.
  • Ayana already knew about The Immortality Spell, because she warns Esther about the consequences for her family and the entire planet (plague).
    • This makes sense since Qetsiyah - Ayana's ancestor - helped create the Immortality Spell.
  • Since the collapse of The Other Side, she most likely found peace or was sucked into oblivion.


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