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Love is nothing but a trap. The one truth you speak, the one thing that I agree with entirely-- only the love of family is unbreakable. It is the only love worth fighting for. And my beloved brother, Tristan, suffers in a box, drowning over and over again, unable to die. So I will end his suffering by ending you-- his sire. And the look on Niklaus' face as a white oak bullet pierces your heart and takes your life... Will be the salve for my own broken heart.
Aurora to Elijah in Heart Shaped Box

Aurora de Martel is a major recurring character and antagonist in the third season of The Originals. She is the younger sister of Tristan de Martel and daughter of Count de Martel. She is the first vampire ever turned by Rebekah Mikaelson, one of the Trinity.

Aurora is a member of the De Martel Family.


Not much is known about Aurora's childhood other that her mother died while giving birth to her and as a result she didn't celebrate her birthday at all. She was Lucien's friend long before he became Count's servant.

Southern France, 1002

She and her brother witnessed the Mikaelson siblings enter their home while the five Original Vampires were pretending to be the children of the Count de Guise. Both Lucien and Klaus appeared to have taken a liking to her, however she fell in love with Klaus. On the night of her birthday, she was found by Klaus crying alone. Upon being asked, she revealed that her mother died in childbirth, a fact Aurora blamed herself for, in response Klaus revealed his greatest sin; he murdered his mother in a fit of rage, and framed his father for it, dooming his old family to a life on the run. Aurora, seeing a new kinship with Klaus, proposed that they shoulder each other's pain, and never speak of it again. Tristan once denied her from being with Klaus and Aurora in a depressed grief from this and from the 'demons' in her mind, slit her wrists. Rebekah found her and gave her some of her blood, telling her to cherish her human life. She healed, however, afterwards, she threw herself out of the window and died, becoming the first vampire of Rebekah's line.

Shortly thereafter, word of the carnage the siblings were wreaking reached far enough to ensure Mikael's coming. Aurora, learning of this from Elijah, asked to come with them, however Elijah refused, stating it was his family's burden. Aurora stated that Elijah was too obsessed with family, and that he didn't even know his siblings as well as he thought. Elijah, curious, asked her what she meant, unwittingly compelling her. Upon hearing of this, Elijah became maddened with rage and compelled Aurora to view Klaus as a vile monster not worthy of love, only to then seal this act deep within his mind, away from his conscious memory and thought. Aurora then echoed this thoughts to Klaus, breaking his heart.

However, Aurora's troubles did not end there. Fearing Mikael's approach, Elijah compelled Aurora, Lucien and Tristan whom he turned, to believe themselves to be Rebekah, Niklaus, and Elijah respectively, and to garner Mikael's attention and run in their place. Believing themselves to be the Mikaelsons, the trio ran, and would run for a century.

Europe, 1114

Thanks to the Brotherhood of the Five briefly putting Elijah down with the daggers, the trio were freed, and swore vengeance against the Original Vampires that had taken a century from them with their compulsion. The after-effects of the compulsion only damaged her already fragile mind further. She would fall into long bouts of unpredictable episodes much to her brother's fear.

At some point she and Lucien were together and traveled with each other before supposedly parting ways after many centuries of life.


Aurora admitted that she hasn't felt pain since the 1700's.

Paris, France, 1903

Aurora and Lucien had spent time together during the La Belle Epoque period.

During unknown centuries, when Aurora would suffer from her heightened episodes, Tristan would have Aurora committed for many of her predispositions; often leading to crude attempts at helping her such as being plunged into ice baths, bled for melancholia, and exorcised for demons six times.

Throughout The Originals Series

Season Three

TO 301 1224Aurora

Aurora in the monastery

In For the Next Millennium, she was seen sitting in a monastery in traditional clothes. A monk handed her a piece of paper, and, upon reading the note written on it, she slit the monk's throat in a fit of rage with her fingernails. She then pulled a necklace out from under her robes and held the circular pendant in her hands before stating, "It won't be long now." Meanwhile, in New Orleans, Klaus was curious about what had happened to Aurora but Lucien explained that he and Aurora had parted lifetimes ago, and he wasn't sure what became of her.

TO302 3294AuroraTristan

Aurora is sedated by Tristan

In You Hung the Moon, Aurora was happy and enjoying a rare visit with her brother, Tristan, during which time they practiced sword-fighting together. He asked about her actions like recently killing the monk and admitted that he wished she had handled it better. She reminded him that she has been getting better every day and insisted that it was time for him to let her out, but Tristan pointed out that he couldn't as long as she was in this state. He then let it slip that he would miss her once he had left, and upon realizing that he was going on a trip without her, she reacted badly and charged at him. Tristan, seemingly expecting this reaction, sedated her her with something in a syringe (presumably vervain). Before she lost consciousness, she begged him to take her with him on his trip and promised to be better. Once she was passed out, Tristan handed her off to the monks who came to collect her and instructed them to "up her dosage" while he was gone, since her hysteria regarding his trip could make her a danger to herself and others. He then instructed them to pass on a message that he would be back soon, and that he planned to bring her a "lovely souvenir" from New Orleans.

Aurora Jumps

Aurora escapes her imprisonment

In I'll See You in Hell or New Orleans, it was revealed that Aurora was in fact in love with Klaus and had a secret affair with him when she was human. Later, Aurora escaped the monastery, killing all of the monks and called Tristan to reveal that she was on her way to join him in New Orleans. With the slaughter of the monks behind her, she escaped her imprisonment by diving off of the cliffs.

Normal TO304 3292Aurora

Aurora disguised at the Strix gala

In A Walk on the Wild Side, upon her arrival in New Orleans, Aurora secretly attended the Strix's gala, using the masquerade masks to hide her identity. Without being discovered, she poisoned Lucien's seer, Alexis, who had been having visions of the Originals' doom, before leaving the party. The following morning, she discarded the empty bottle of poison she had used and threw away her mask, walking freely into the streets of New Orleans with her presence still being unknown to both Klaus and her brother, Tristan.

In The Axeman's Letter, Aurora sent a unique message to Klaus revealing that she was in town and wanted him to come find her. When he did, Aurora explained to him the specifics of her turn to a vampire, all leading up to revealing a thousand year old secret of Elijah's: that he had compelled Aurora to believe that Klaus was a monster unworthy of love after discovering that Klaus was the one who killed their mother, Esther. Aurora told Klaus this hoping to cause a rift between him and his brother and wanting to earn Klaus's favor again after rejecting him under compulsion a thousand years ago. Aurora's revelation pushed Klaus to attack Elijah.

In Beautiful Mistake, Aurora was taken on a tour of New Orleans by Klaus as a method of getting her to open up to him. She easily deduced as much, yet played along with his casual interrogation. Eventually, the two returned to the compound, where Klaus showed Aurora a painting of her, long encased in a wall, admitting that he never did stop loving her. The two then made love in Klaus' bedroom. However, after getting redressed, Klaus received a phone call from Elijah and Freya, telling him that Rebekah had been abducted by the Strix. Upon waking, Aurora quickly realized why Klaus was upset and told him of Lucien and Tristan's secret alliance and their plan to utilize a cursed medallion to trap the Originals in an unbreakable barrier for all time, ensuring that nothing could harm them so the sirelines would never be killed as a result. However, she assured him that he shouldn't worry since she sent members of her own sireline, vampires loyal to her undercover along with Tristan's forces to capture Rebekah, taking her neutralized body away from the Strix and out of her brother's possession. Promising him that she, like Tristan and Lucien, only wanted her sire's assured survival and that Rebekah was safe, she told him to return to bed.

In Out of the Easy, Aurora is seen laying on Klaus bed Aurora and kisses Klaus. Klaus gives in to his desires and forcefully grabs Aurora, kissing her passionately. Klaus then throws Aurora on the bed and continues to make out with her. When Elijah comes to the compound looking for Klaus, he tells Klaus that Rebekah is missing and Aurora reveals to Elijah that she knows where Rebekah is. Elijah threatens Tristan for Rebekah's location, but Klaus reveals that he and Aurora have reached an understanding before Aurora leaves the brothers alone. At the airport, Aurora soon finds Tristan with Rebekah's empty coffin telling him that she has other plans for her sire and tells him to trust her. Aurora arrives at the Mikaelsons' place for Thanksgiving. She is visibly disturbed when Lucien mentions Camille and Klaus' feelings for her. After a confrontation with Freya, Aurora soon reveals Rebekah's whereabouts to be under the ocean. Later, Freya uses magic to snap Aurora's neck. She is brought to another room where Freya and Hayley try to get Rebekah's location out of her. When they threaten Tristan, Aurora reveals that she only holds the latitude of Rebekah's location and Tristan has the longitude. Back at the dinner table, Klaus snaps Tristan's neck and tells Aurora that Tristan will die slowly and painfully unless she returns Rebekah. He tells her that he would have kept his promises of love to her but that they were betrayed by kidnapping his sister. Later, when Camille is escaping from Lucien's penthouse, Aurora shows up and takes her captive.

In The Other Girl in New Orleans, Aurora drives to the rear entrance of St. Anne's Church. She opens the trunk of her car where Camille lies unconscious. When Aurora goes to pick her up, Camille opens her eyes and hits Aurora with a tire iron before making a run for it. Aurora easily catches up with her and tells her that that wasn't nice. She tells Camille that they need to have a conversation and leads her into St. Anne's. Inside, they find men training in the new gym. Aurora tells Camille that the men train hoping to become vampires. She tells Camille that she is going to turn them. Camille says that she doesn't know who Aurora is and tells her that if she has a problem with her, deal with her and let the others go. Aurora, surprised that Camille doesn't know her, introduces herself and tells her that she is Klaus' long-lost love. She goes on to say that Klaus took her brother captive so she's taken Camille in return. Since Camille is precious to Klaus, she plans to use her and the soon-to-be in transition vampires to force Klaus to release Tristan. She forces Camille to the ground and begins turning the men.

Aurora taunts Camille about how Klaus killed her uncle in the church, which Camille calls a mercy killing. Aurora goes on to talk about Camille's brother, Sean, who went insane, killing 9 seminary students and then himself.

In Savior, she is seen playing God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen on the piano as Tristan compliments her skill at the piano. She delightfully tells him that tomorrow will be a better day while the scene cuts every few seconds to a deceased Cami. It is implied that she killed Cami before having a bonding conversation with her brother. After their conversation, Tristan continues to watch and listen to his sister play the piano.

In A Ghost Along the Mississippi, it is revealed that during her encounter with Camille in The Other Girl in New Orleans Camille was compelled by Aurora to drink her blood then slit her throat afterwards should Klaus show lust and affection towards her, hence the following events in Savior. Later on the road, she is present inside an SUV traveling to an unknown destination with some Strix vampires. Vincent suddenly appears in front of them and uses his magic to send the SUV crashing. After the unharmed vampires got out of the wreckage, a vengeful Elijah appears behind the Strix vampires and stakes them, killing them in the process. Along with Elijah and Vincent, Klaus also appears and forcefully takes Aurora, who is seemingly trying to stay hidden inside, out of the SUV and drags her away. The Strix soon finds out of Aurora's capture. Desperate to save her sister, Tristan makes a deal with Klaus to make an trade between them, trading Camille for Hayley. During the rescue mission the Mikaelson family planned to save Hayley, Vincent and Freya cast a spell on Camille off-screen, who is currently a vampire in transition, to make her appearance identical to that of Aurora. The magic managed to fool Tristan, who thought he was saving her but instead walked into their trap.

In Dead Angels, it is revealed that she is secretly working with Madison, a member of The Sisters. She ordered the latter to retrieve the wooden knight from Camille. During a secret meeting between them in an alley, Madison gives her the wooden knight after a successful thievery and asks Aurora to 'free' her from her coven. Still delighted by the stolen figurine, she bites Madison according to her wish and leaves the alley as she bleeds to her death. She is then seen with a craftsman, who is apparently reshaping the wooden knight into seven individual bullets for her. He asks her what animal she would kill using wooden bullets. She replies that the bullets aren't meant for animals, but for a whole family of monsters.

In Heart Shaped Box, Freya tries a locator spell to find Aurora and she suddenly appears behind Freya, asking if she has been looking for her. When Freya wakes up, she asks what she did to her and Aurora tells her she gave the same concoction to her as Tristan did when she had her episodes. When Freya tells her that her brothers will come for her, Aurora says that's exactly what she wants. She then gets the revolver and points it at Freya, and shoots her in the stomach, and questions if she'll still be alive when Freya's brothers find her. Aurora has buried Freya, but the tricky part is that Aurora has made many decoys to confuse Klaus and Elijah. Aurora confronts Elijah and aims the gun at him while the two make snide remarks at each other. When Elijah realizes Aurora's plan to kill him and let Klaus watch, Aurora gets nervous and cocks the gun, ready to shoot him. Elijah makes a snide comment to Aurora, which makes her confident smile fall and hurt, and Elijah then lunges at her. She holds the gun right against his heart, and tells him how her brother is suffering at the bottom of the ocean. She tells him that she will end her brother's suffering by ending Elijah, and that the look on Klaus' face will be the salve for her broken heart. When Klaus arrives and tries to talk her out of shooting the gun, she tells him he's wrong and she pulls the trigger, but Freya uses her magic and the bullet misses Elijah, but it ricochets off the wall and hits Freya. Aurora then vamp speeds away and Klaus gives chase to her. When Klaus yells and says what he'll do to her will redefine sadistic, Aurora appears and she shots him in the shoulder. Klaus grabs a "No Trespassing" sign and it partially goes through Aurora's side. She yelps in pain and when she pulls it out, Klaus is gone.

With gun in hand, Aurora looks for Klaus and when she hears twigs breaking, she spins around Klaus speeds towards her, breaks her wrist and the revolver flies out of her hand. When she looks back at Klaus it is shown that he now has the gun and he aims it at her. She slowly rises with her hands up in the air and she pleads with him. She then knocks the gun out of his hand and karate chops him in the leg, and he goes down. She apologizes and before she shoots him, Elijah shows up and she instead shoots him in the lower part of the chest. She then vamp speeds away as she knows she'll be killed if she sticks around. While in the Bayou sitting in her car and looking at the revolver in her hands, she hears footsteps approaching and looks in the side mirror and sees that it is Aya. She vamp speeds out of the car and aims the revolver at Aya, and tells her she's need in the mood to talk. Aya tells Aurora she is there to make an offer of becoming an ally and if they have common ground. Her words intrigue Aurora which makes her smile and states that their worlds could change with a bang.

In A Streetcar Named Desire, a witch immersed Aurora into a Representational spell-world with her brother Tristan. The two had a heartfelt reunion and waited for Elijah and Klaus to appear. Aurora promised Tristan to come back for him before their world collapsed. After the events that transpired while Aurora's consciousness was in the world, she was walled into a bricked structure by Klaus. Due to her involvement in unlinking the sirelines, Aurora killing Camille, and entering Klaus' life as an enemy, Klaus felt the need to have her contained in a bricked wall. Aurora was set to desiccate due to her imprisonment however how far along she got is unknown.

In An Old Friend Calls, Cami and Klaus discuss why Aurora chose to killed Cami. Later Cami mentions to Vincent that she believied Aurora would eventually return and try to finish her.

In Behind the Black Horizon, Lucien finally released Aurora from her entombment.

In The Devil Comes Here and Sighs, Aurora and Lucien were seen having a dinner inside a gazebo. It was during this time that Lucien revealed his newfound strenght to Aurora and offered her to drink the serum aswell, so they can work together to achieve the common goal - fulfill the prophecy and kill the entire Mikaelson family. However, Aurora refused this offer, as her brother is still trapped inside the container at the bottom of the ocean. Lucien then promised that he'll do everything to bring Tristan back, and if that fails, he'd kill Eljiah himself and free Tristan from his suffering. Later, after Lucien defeated Klaus, he brought him back to his penthouse where Aurora was patiently waiting to get her revenge. Afterwards, while the two were having a conversation about the future they could've had together, which Aurora found amusing, Camille and Hayley came up with a plan to stop Aurora from drinking the serum and killing Klaus.

In No More Heartbreaks, Aurora's unconscious body can be seen while Camille and Klaus were having a conversation.

In Where Nothing Stays Buried, Aurora's covered, unconscious body was once again shown.

In Give 'Em Hell Kid, Freya examined Aurora's body only to find out that there isn't a single trace of serum in her blood.


When she was still human, despite being born into a noble family, she was nothing like her father, brother, or other noblewomen, as Aurora was kind, caring, selfless, compassionate, sympathetic and moral. However, despite being kind and caring, Aurora was very obsessive about becoming a vampire to be with Klaus. One night, after being declined once again, Aurora tried to take her own life by slitting her wrists. She also suffered from bipolar disorder, which caused her to have manic episodes of depression, happiness, anger, etc.

Aurora is described as a beautiful and enigmatic vampire who is, at times, sexy, seductive, witty and free-spirited. But due to her bipolar disorder, which is heightend as a vampire, she can also be malevolent, dangerous and extremely violent in an instant. Her disorder caused her to have episodes that were extremely manic and dangerous. In her lightest moments, she’s the flame that draws men to her like moths; in her darkest, she’ll kill those same men without a second thought. She has a childlike air to her and appears to have a close relationship with her brother Tristan, despite him keeping her captive in a monastery as a result of her disorder.

Aurora is also manipulative and calculating. She uses her cunning mind to work around any situation to meet her own ends. Aurora has very low self-esteem, and leans on those around for that boost of esteem. This can be shown when Klaus mentions Camille and she becomes jealous and believes that Cami is in the way of her and Klaus' relationship, and takes matters into her own hands. She can be very cruel and cold-hearted towads those that she thinks have wronged her, as shown when she compelled Cami to kill herself in front of a sleeping Klaus. Even after this, she justified her actions as an act of love for Klaus. She then justified her later actions as revenge towards Klaus for rejecting her. She seems to have no regard for human life, finding it a means to an end.

Despite her flawed personality, Aurora loves passionately and with her whole heart and soul. She is also extremely loyal to her family, lover, and sire. Despite everything that Tristan did to her, she still stayed by his side and even fought for him against the Mikaelsons. She tried to save her brother by killing Elijah, as this would end her brother's torment of drowning repeatedly, and was heartbroken when she failed to save him. She stole Rebekah's body to ensure that Rebekah - and herself remained safe, as Aurora's life is tied to Rebekah's.

Physical Appearance


Aurora has green eyes and straight red hair with thin eyebrows and a wide smile that is quite endearing. She looks quite youthful, with her slim features and bone structure. Lucien has also described her as having eyes a person could get lost in just from one look. Also, Klaus called her "exquisite" when he first laid his eyes on her. She is seen wearing stylish, dark-colored clothing that is very expensive and modern. She enjoys accessories and wears them often, along with heavy make-up.

As a human, she is seen with her hair very long and often in tiny braids. She either wore it up or down, but often paired with a light-colored dress and minimal make-up.

Powers and Abilities

Aurora possesses all the standard powers and abilities of a non-original vampire. But being over a thousand years old, she was one of the strongest vampires in existence, second only to the Original Vampires. Aurora was the second member of the Trinity to be turned after Lucien, making her the second strongest of the group until Lucien became the Beast.

The Originals 3x7 Freya Hayley fight Aurora

She had a very high resistance to aneurysm and pain infliction spells due to her time at a Buddhist monastery for an unknown amount of period. Her resistance to pain infliction spells is impressive considering that she found Freya's attempt to hurt her amusing. Aurora seemed to be a skilled operator of mind compulsion. This power is one of the things she enjoys the most about being a vampire. Aurora has been seen to be skilled in sword fighting, able to defend herself and also attack. However, it is shown that her skills were inferior to that of her brother Tristan de Martel. Her fighting skills were more than a match with Hayley; an non-original werewolf-vampire hybrid. Her reflexes are fast enough that allowed her to shoot both Klaus and Elijah in a blink of an eye, without them being able to react.

TO310 0270 Aurora

Aurora using mind compulsion.

Through unknown means, she claimed that she, Lucien and Tristan could not be compelled anymore.

When Aurora ingested the Original Vampire Serum, even without dying in order to complete the transition, she showed great strength by snapping Hayley's neck and throwing her a considerable distance across the room. Her physical strength was also more than a match for the newly-turned Camille.


Aurora has the typical weaknesses of a non-original vampire.



The Vampire Diaries Season Seven

The Originals Season Three


  • Aurora is a feminine name of Latin origin. The name means "the Dawn." It stems from Roman mythology, Aurora the goddess of dawn.
  • Martel is one of Britain and France's most famous and historic surnames. It derives from the French word "martel" meaning "hammer".


  • She is the oldest vampire of Rebekah's sireline.
  • She was previously held captive by monks in a monastery by her brother, Tristan, who ordered them to drug her (presumably vervain). It is currently unknown as to why, though it is entirely possible that Aurora is mentally or emotionally unstable given her behavior during their most recent reunion.
    • According to her brother Tristan, Aurora has a tendency to fall into her dark periods and that her most recent one occurred long ago and has yet to lift. Hence the reason she was held in the monastery.
    • Aurora displayed signs of mental instability as a human.
  • She is the second sired vampire in history.
    • This makes her the first female vampire sired in history while Lucien is the first male vampire sired in history.
  • She is the first vampire to be compelled by an Original Vampire.
  • She was compelled by Elijah to see Klaus as the wretched, deceitful monster that he truly is. Later she was also compelled to believe that she was Rebekah. He then told her to run in the fear of Mikael along with Lucien and Tristan who believed they were Niklaus and Elijah respectively.
  • Aurora, Tristan and Lucien swore vengeance against the Mikaelson family and spend centuries looking for weapons that would kill them until the truth about the sirelines were revealed, thus forcing them to incapacitate the Originals instead so they wouldn't die themselves.
  • She, like both Lucien and her brother, are immune to vervain.
  • She is very resistant to pain infliction spells. Though she seems to displays some enjoyment towards it.
  • She is strong enough to hold on her own facing a powerful witch (Freya) and a hybrid (Hayley) in combat.
  • Aurora is jealous of Klaus' affection for Camille O'Connell.
  • She is the first vampire in history of TVD/TO universe revealed to be bipolar.
  • Aurora plays the piano.
  • She is the only member of the Trinity to appear in all of the first 10 episodes of season 3.
  • She claims she hasn't felt pain since the 1700's, and to her it tickled when Freya did a pain infliction spell on her.
  • Since Aurora drank the serum to become an upgraded Original but hasn't died yet, it is unknown if it will get out of her system, or how it will affect her.
  • After Vincent extracted the serum from her body, Aurora is once again an ordinary vampire.




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