Aaron is Aaron Whitmore, and he comes from a very long line of vampire-probing, blood-testing, organ-removing freaks called Augustine.
Damon on Augustine in Fifty Shades of Grayson

Augustine was a secret society based in Whitmore College. They were known to gather in Whitmore to identify potential candidates for membership in college students. Augustine members were aware of the supernatural and were especially interested in vampires and the magic and science behind their enhanced senses and abilities. Highly qualified doctors such as Grayson Gilbert and Wes Maxfield experimented on vampires, and intended to use what they learned in their research to benefit humanity, such as using vampire blood to cure fatal illnesses. However, in order to accomplish this goal, the doctors captured and tortured vampires by doing experiments on them to test their theories.

After discovering what they were truly doing, Aaron Whitmore, the sole surviving member of the Whitmore family, who owned Whitmore College and who was the last person in charge of the trust that funded Augustine's experiments, eventually cut the entirety of their funding. A while later, two former Augustine vampires, Damon Salvatore and Lorenzo St. John , were finally reunited after each escaped captivity, and began tracking down and killing all the known Augustine members in revenge for all the they went through while used as test subjects. The sole living Augustine member, Wes Maxfield, managed to continue some of his research on conditioning vampires to feed on their own species instead of humans without the Whitmore family's funding, and was able to create what became known as the Ripper Virus.


In Season 5 of The Vampire Diaries, a great deal of information was revealed about the Augustine Society, their goals, and their history, including various people who were members. 


According to Wes, most members recruited have deep connections within the society, such as legacies. However, Augustine has been known to choose those without connections within the society who possess unique talents that will greater serve their ends, such as Grayson Gilbert and Wes Maxfield, who were both brilliant doctors in their fields.

Please Note: The above are deceased


  • Augustine shares many traits with the Mystic Falls Founder's Council, as both are responsible for keeping their respective areas safe from vampires. Also, Grayson Gilbert was a member of both.
  • Elena was considered for membership before she was suspected of being a vampire, although while posing as Elena, Katherine's ability to pass over the porch without invitation seemingly cleared Dianne's suspicion. However, when Caroline and Katherine (who initially posed as Elena) went to question Dr. Wes Maxfield on Augustine and their intentions, Katherine carelessly ended up re-outting Elena as a vampire.
  • Damon became an Augustine vampire in the episode Total Eclipse of the Heart. Damon was the only known Augustine Vampire in existence until Elena became one in Gone Girl. They were both cured of the virus in While You Were Sleeping.


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