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Freya astral projecting in Rebekah's presence as she starts to wake from her century slumber.

Astral Projection is an ability of the witches to manifest their consciousnesses out of their bodies. Witches commonly use this power to to spy-on or converse remotely with others by separating the astral body from the physical body using spells and incantations which then allows them to travel instantaneously to their desired location and also allows them to affect the physical plane.

Various spells can give different properties to ones astral form to fit the purpose such as visibility and tangibility.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series Edit

Season TwoEdit

Tvd216lukajonas apspell

Luka and his father Jonas performing Astral Projection

In The House Guest, Luka Martin and his father Jonas Martin performed an astral projection spell in order to remove the dagger from Elijah. Luka's spirit was sent over to the Salvatore Boarding House where he tried to remove the dagger, though Katherine kept stopping him until Damon arrived with a torch and set Luka's astral body on fire. This immediatly reflected on his physical body, causing him to be burned to death.

Season Six Edit

In The Day I Tried To Live, Malachai Parker manages to send his and the spirits of Elena, Damon and Jeremy to the Prison World, which is supposedly one of the benefits of being the leader of the Gemini Coven, according to Kai. However, the spell was not strong enough to allow their astral bodies to interact with anyone or anything in the Prison World and even then, it was weakening Kai to keep their spirits present there. However, he later made Jeremy the focus of the spell, allowing him to interact with the Prison World, though barely.

Throughout The Originals Series Edit

Season Two Edit

In The Map of Moments, Esther performs an astral projection spell, allowing her to project her astral body in the Bayou despite her physical body being in the City of the Dead. She performs this spell in order to contact Mikael and make a deal with him, though without risking her safe-being due to his anger that she brought Klaus' father Ansel from the other side while leaving Mikael there.

In Gonna Set Your Flag On Fire, Rebekah (while possessing Eva Sinclair's body) who was recently trapped in the Asylum for witches is visited by a mysterious woman, later revealed to be Freya. It is also revealed that it was in fact her astral body wandering around while her physical body was asleep due to the immortality slumber spell cast by Dahlia.

Season Three Edit

In Beautiful Mistake, Freya performs several astral projection spells yet again. Firstly, she projects her astral body over to Morocco where Rebekah was currently staying at. Following this, she performs the same spell again, only this time she also brings Elijah's spirit over to Morocco with their physical bodies maintaining physical contact during the spell. Her astral projection spell also allowed Freya to use her magic, though the connection was later disrupted by an unknown Moroccan witch working for the Strix, which forcibly sent Freya's spirit back to her body in New Orleans.
Tumblr o2hneoXO4Z1s389oyo6 500
In Dead Angels, Davina performs a simple astral projection spell, allowing her to project her astral body to the Mikaelson Compound, where she remained invisible to everyone else, while listening to their conversation.

Trivia Edit

  • Esther Mikaelson is the first witch in The Originals universe to use Astral Projection.
  • Luka Martin (with his father) is the first witch in The Vampire Diaries Universe in general to use Astral projection, with Malachai Parker being the second.
  • The Astral Plane is set on the actual dimension similar to the Other Side. However, while beings cannot be seen, they can still interact with physical objects.
    • This is unless astral bodies are drawn to artificially constructed locations on the astral plane through magic like the Chambre de Chasse.
  • Unlike the spirit, ones astral form takes on the appearance of the body they inhabit, this includes bodies they are currently possessing.
  • Bilocation is an advanced ability, combining both astral projection and teleportation, that allows one to split their consciousness to two tangible bodies thereby allowing either to operate independent of each other.

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