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The Appalachian Mountains pack are a group of werewolves located somewhere in the Appalachian Mountains.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series Edit

Season ThreeEdit

In Do Not Go Gentle, Tyler mentions them when he was telling Caroline about how he had broken his sire-bond to Klaus.

Season FourEdit

In The Rager, Hayley mentions that she had helped Tyler break his sire-bond and that one of Klaus' hybrids was a former member of the pack she was part of at the time.

Throughout The Originals Series Edit

In Alone with Everybody, Hayley take Klaus and Hope here as she trusts the pack to keep them safe. However they find out Lucien wipe out majority of them.

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Trivia Edit

  • Hayley was part of this pack when she met Tyler.
  • Within this pack there is a tradition that when a werewolf triggers their curse they take a possession of the person they'd killed and put it in a group of trees in the woods.

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