Character Episodes Appearances as Antagonist
Niklaus Mikaelson The BirthdayThe HybridThe End of The AffairThe ReckoningHomecomingThe New DealThe Ties That BindBringing Out The DeadThe Murder of OneHeart of DarknessBefore Sunset (11/18)
Stefan Salvatore The BirthdayThe End of The AffairThe New DealOur Town (4/22)
Gloria Disturbing Behavior (1/2)
Bill Forbes Disturbing Behavior (1/5)
Damon Salvatore Disturbing Behavior (1/22)
Esther Smells Like Teen SpiritGhost WorldHeart of DarknessDo Not Go Gentle (4/8)
Vicki Donovan Smells Like Teen Spirit (1/4)
Mikael Ordinary People, Homecoming (2/5)
Tony The New Deal (1/2)
Daniel Warren The Ties That Bind (1/2)
Elijah Mikaelson All My Children (1/6)
Rebekah Mikaelson The ReckoningDangerous LiaisonsThe Murder of OneThe Departed (4/17)
Kol Mikaelson Dangerous LiaisonsHeart of Darkness (2/4)
The Originals All My Children (1/21)
Samantha Gilbert 1912 (1/1)
Alaric Saltzman Break On Through, Heart of Darkness, Do Not Go GentleBefore Sunset, The Departed


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