Anna and Ben's Motel Room is the place in Mystic Falls where Anna and Ben McKittrick lived. The vampire, Noah may have also lived here. They arrived soon after the comet.

In Fool Me Once, Anna kidnapped Elena and brought her here. Ben did the same thing to Bonnie. When Elena woke up, she tried to escape, but Ben "compelled her" (he didn't know about the vervain, so Elena almost escaped, but Anna stopped her and locked her in the bathroom. Elena saw Bonnie there and told her that they needed a witch.

Then Anna talked to Elena, and Elena found out why she wanted to open the tomb - her mother, Pearl, was in it. Later when Anna left, Ben was alone with them. Bonnie asked Elena for a glass of water and she threw the water on Ben and set him on fire. Bonnie almost escaped, but Ben threatened to kill Elena. Later, Stefan came inside and opened all windows and told Ben to leave town.


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