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Amber Bradley
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  • 1992 (aged 18)
  • Alive
  • Unknown
  • Female
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Amber Bradley was a candidate for the Miss Mystic Falls Pageant which took place in the Founder's Hall. It has been said by Caroline, that the only reason Amber was most likely picked, was to ensure the citizens don't think the pageant was strictly for founding families.

Season One

Stefan Bite
Stefan bites Amber.
EhpachaAdded by Ehpacha
Even though Amber wasn't a member of one of the Founding Families, she was still selected to enter in the Miss Mystic Falls contest so that it didn't look like the pageant was for founding families only. She was nervous and went to the bathroom where an enraged Stefan took her outside.

Stefan compelled Amber to not be afraid of him and drank her blood. He then told her to run and he caught up with her, but then she was saved when Damon, Elena, and Bonnie came. Bonnie cast a spell on him by just looking at him, which exploded his blood vessels but since he is a vampire and has excessive healing, he healed. The spell that Bonnie cast made Stefan look like he was having a massive headache. Amber was taken to the hospital and she has not appeared in the series since then.


Season 1



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