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Where did she go? Did she move on? Did she find peace? Because it certainly didn't look like that.
Matt Donovan about Vicki Donovan and The Dark World

The Dark World is believed to be a supernatural dimension of misery and one of the two ultimate destinations one takes in the afterlife. It is believed to be an ugly realm populated by every soul (both human and non-human) that has failed to find peace.

This realm is considered a "hell" due to its similarity to the unpleasant afterlife that is believed to exist by many religions as well as the violence by which it sucks in its eventual residents. However, contrary to the religious belief that only sinners are damned to hell, it has been proven that this is not the case. While some characters who could arguably be deserving of this fate, such as Katherine Pierce, Markos and Silas, were in fact dragged into the Dark World, undeserving characters, who were known to have committed benevolent deeds, were also said to have been sucked into the Dark World as well, such as Maria and Vicki Donovan.


  • The Dark World is a term coined from the fact that every character who was shown to enter this world was dragged into a dark vortex. Contrary to popular belief, the Dark World is not exclusive to malevolent souls.
  • It is unknown if the spirits that have been dragged into the Dark World (the polar opposite of the Bright World) are still able to find peace and possibly transfer into the Bright World after "serving their time," or if their residency in the Dark World is permanent.
  • According to Julie Plec, the rest of the Other Side might have been sucked into oblivion.[1]
  • It is still unknown if The Dark World has any connection to Collapse of the Other Side when it was destroyed. It has been speculated if the "higher power" lost control of allowing or not allowing souls of the supernatural into the Other Side which resulted in the remaining spirits residing on the former supernatural purgatory; being graphically sucked away into the dark void. Katherine Pierce being the only person to be dragged into the void unlike others who were sucked via full body.
  • The Oblivion has countless names:
    • The Dark Dimension in Novels.
    • Nothingness referred to by Klaus in The Originals.


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