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You know there's something else out there, right? I mean there has to be. Silas' whole agenda was to find peace with his one true love. And whatever peace is, it's out there.
Lexi about The Bright World

The Bright World is believed to be a supernatural dimension of peace and one of the two ultimate destinations one takes in the afterlife. It is believed to be a beautiful realm populated by every soul (both human and non-human) that has successfully found peace.

The Bright World is considered a "heaven" due to its similarity to the pleasant afterlife that is believed to exist by many religions. However, contrary to the religious belief that only saintly souls are allowed into heaven, it has been proven that this is not the case. While some deserving characters such as Alexia Branson, Jenna Sommers and Sheila Bennett were in fact welcomed into The Bright World, many undeserving characters, who were known to have committed malevolent deeds, were also said to have found peace such as Esther Mikaelson and Dahlia.

Season Two

In The Sun Also Rises Jenna Sommers is turned into a vampire and completes her transition with Greta’s blood. She attacks Greta, intending on killing her, but Klaus quickly stops her and brutally stakes her in the heart as the second “goddess” to die for the Hybrid Curse to break. Jenna then does not go to the Other Side, but instead finds Peace.

Season Three

The Bright World, was referenced as 'Peace' in Do Not Go Gentle by Esther when she tells Elena that Jenna – even though she was a supernatural being – “did not know the torment of the Other Side . . . she found Peace . . .” much to Elena’s relief.

Season Four

In Stand By Me, after Silas makes it out of the tomb, he masks himself as Atticus Shane and tells Bonnie that Silas needs her to destroy the Veil to the Other Side and that is the reason why Expression was bestowed upon her in the first place by the deaths of the Council and the death of the Twelve Hybrids. He justifies this by telling her that she needs not worry about the deaths, as the hybrids are on the Other Side and will be revived and the humans have found Peace. Bonnie had learned from Silas that Qetsiyah had created The Other Side so if he did take the Cure and die of old age while buried, he would be trapped in that supernatural purgatory. This is what caused him to create his plan to be awoken; he wanted Bonnie (a descendant of Qetsiyah) to use the power of the Expression Triangle to destroy the Veil separating the living world from the Other Side, which would bring back every dead supernatural being, and make the Other Side nonexistent. Then, he wanted to take the Cure and die so that he could be reunited with the woman he loved at Peace.

In Original Sin, the extremely powerful witch Qetsiyah has resurrected herself from the dead and has left the Other Side. She saves Stefan’s life after he goes into the Sun without his daylight ring and she pulls him into her cabin. She then tells him the story of herself and Silas and Silas’ Lover. Qetsiyah reveals that she was in fact the woman Silas was going to marry and they planned to live forever together through an Immortality Elixir she’d created. But when their wedding day came, Silas took the elixirs and he and his true love – Amara – consumed them, becoming the world’s very first immortal beings. In anger at Silas’s infidelity, Qetsiyah ambushed Amara with her powerful magic, cutting her throat and ripping out her heart, knowing that her new immortality would heal the wounds. Qetsiyah then desiccated Amara and then confronted Silas, telling him to take the Cure and they could live together humanely. Upon refusing, Qetsiyah throws him down a tomb with the Cure and casts a spell to lock him in it. She – knowing that Silas would want to kill himself to find Peace with Amara – created a supernatural purgatory between Earth and Peace in hopes that Silas would take the Cure and starve to death. Silas discovered by unknown means and he refused to take the Cure and dreamed of being reunited with his one true love one day. Tessa tells Stefan that Silas wants to find Peace with Amara.


  • The Bright World is a term coined from the fact that every character who was shown to enter this world was engulfed by an extremely bright light.
  • Contrary to popular belief, the Bright World is not exclusive to benevolent souls. According to Alexia Branson, anyone can find peace once they have atoned for their sins and let go of whatever it is that is preventing them from moving on. This was proven when Silas (one of the most sinister villains within The Vampire Diaries universe) said that he could find peace in the Bright World with his true love Amara, in spite of his dark and murderous actions. However, after the discovery that Amara was alive, Silas lost his desire to find peace, thus leading to his imprisonment on the Other Side.
  • It is unknown if the spirits that have been dragged into the Dark World (the polar opposite of the Bright World) are still able to find peace and possibly transfer into the Bright World, or if their residency in the Dark World is permanent.

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