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  Abelard Leroux was the husband of Ysabelle Dalliencourt and a member of the New Orleans Coven. He was the father of Lily Leroux, and grandfather of Marguerite Leroux.

Abelard was a member of the Leroux Family and a relative of the Dalliencourt Family.


Not much is known about Abelard, except he married Ysabelle and had a daughter named Lily. He died before 1766 leaving his wife a widow.


Physical AppearanceEdit

Not much is known about Abelard's appearance but Elijah noticed that Lily took some of Abelard's, which was the softness blurring the edges of her features. Other than that, not much has been said about his appearance.


There was little to none said about Abelard's personality.


  • Abelard is of Old German origin and means "noble strength".
  • Leroux is a French name and it means "the red-haired one". Leroux is also the last name of the Phantom of the Opera author, Gaston Leroux.

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