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What exactly can you do with the power of a hundred dead witches?
Jeremy Gilbert to Bonnie Bennett after channeling the power of the dead witches

The Abandoned Cottage is a forsaken lodge that rests upon the location of where one-hundred witches were brutally burned to death by a group of witch hunters. It is also known as the "Witch Burial Ground".


After a neighboring settlement near Mystic Falls experienced a sudden wave of anti-witch hysteria, they decided to round up a vast group of people, of whom they suspected of witchcraft. The trials that were held in 1864, led to the execution of one hundred people for allegedly practicing witchcraft.

Over one-hundred years later, the area was renovated into a residential property. However, after numerous complaints of "hauntings" by the homeowners, the field had once again became abandoned. 

Emily Bennett was then burned there when she was exposed by Katherine to be a witch as it was the place her ancestors were burned as well. 


  • Bonnie Bennett is a powerful witch who commonly visits the cottage in order to communicate with the spirits of her ancestors and also to gain more knowledge on the history of their magic.
  • The cottage is marked with power from the violent deaths of Emily Bennett and hundred other witches.
  • The only vampires that can enter this place are: Stefan and Damon. Elijah never entered the abandoned house, and Niklaus was attacked after just a few minutes, but after threatening the Bennett Family and the other living descendants of the spirits, they allowed him to stay in the house.
  • Some non-vampire characters have entered the house: Bonnie Bennett, Abby Bennett (as a witch), Elena Gilbert, Jeremy Gilbert, John Gilbert and Alaric Saltzman.


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