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There's no chance it's haunted by the hundred dead witches who were horrifically burned to death in this very spot, is there?
Caroline to Bonnie on the spot of the dead witches in Ghost World

The Abandoned Cottage, also known as the "Old Witch House", is a forsaken lodge that rests upon the location of where one-hundred witches were brutally burned to death by a group of witch hunters. Due to it's location, it is also known as the "Witch Burial Ground".


"Spirits of the witches who died here, I can feel them."
Bonnie Bennett

In the 1690's migrating settlers from Salem sought refuge from the Witch Trial persecutions. Over the next two hundred years they developed a community that would later become known as Mystic Falls (The Dinner Party).

In 1790, after a neighboring settlement near, what would become, Mystic Falls, experienced a sudden wave of anti-witch hysteria, the town decided to round up a vast group of men and women, of whom they suspected of practicing witchcraft. They tried them as witches, tied them to stakes in a field and they were consumed by fire (The Dinner Party). Sybil reveals that, prior to their deaths, the witches gave magical help to a local metalsmith (Harvey Maxwell) who was making a bell for them. The witch's bell, as Sybil called it, was spelled for a specific, yet unknown purpose though they made it indestructible (We Have History Together).

In 1864, Emily Bennett was exposed as a witch by Katherine. The founders council kidnapped her from her home and took her to the same location of her ancestors and she too was burned (The House Guest).

Over one-hundred years later, the area was renovated into a residential property. However, after numerous complaints of "hauntings" by the homeowners, the field had once again became abandoned and stayed that way ever since. 


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  • Bonnie Bennett is a powerful witch who commonly visited the cottage in order to communicate with the spirits of her ancestors and to gain more knowledge on the history of their magic.
    • In Ghost World, Sheila Bennett, as a spirit made manifest, visited the cottage and Bonnie. They would eventually perform a spell together.
  • The cottage is marked with power from the violent deaths of Emily Bennett and the hundred other witches.
    • Abby Bennett, like her ancestor before her, violently died on these grounds (after she was fed Damon's blood).
    • Bonnie has also died at this house, though the spell she performed to cause her death, also brought her back to life.
  • The only vampires that can enter this place are: Stefan, Damon, Caroline and Klaus. Damon was initially burned by sunlight when the witches prevented his daylight ring from working and Klaus was attacked after just a few minutes. However, after threatening the Bennett Family and the other living descendants of the spirits, they allowed him to stay in the house.
  • Some non-vampire characters have entered the house: the witches Bonnie and Abby Bennett (though the latter has not returned since her transition into a vampire), the witch-spirit Sheila Bennett and the humans Elena Gilbert, Jeremy Gilbert, John Gilbert and Alaric Saltzman.
  • To date, four Bennett Witches have visited this house: Emily, Bonnie, Sheila, and Abby.
    • Furthermore, Esther Mikaelson channeled the Bennett Ancestry from this location.


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