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1969 is the seventh volume of The Vampire Diaries Digital Comic and the tenth and eleventh issues in the series[1].


Part 1: Bonnie Bennett uses her time on the Other Side to get in touch with some old family history. In this story, Grams reveals the story behind her first meeting with Stefan Salvatore!

Part 2: Grams' adventures with Stefan Salvatore and Lexi continue, as her powers grow stronger. But it's not just her witch powers, she's also awakening as a key force in the anti-war movement in Mystic Falls!


"I would write... Dear Diary"

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Sheila took Bonnie to the Other Side to meet Sheila's mother, Amelia Bennett.

Sheila told them her story of how she went to Woodstock and met Stefan and Lexi. He offered Sheila to take her home to Mystic Falls. When they got here, Amelia invited all of them in. It was revealed that Stefan and Amelia had romantic past and that Damon killed some people seven years earlier. Meanwhile, Lexi told Sheila that they are vampires. Lexi and Stefan left the house, but the mayor saw them and appointed a Council meeting. Later, a police officer questioned Stefan who introduced himself as Steven. Meanwhile Sheila gave a speech on the streets about the war. Policeman arrested her, but Stefan compelled him to let her go.


Main Characters

Supporting Characters


  • This is the first episode of the digital comics to feature Amelia Bennett (Sheila's Mother).
  • In The Vampire Diaries episode Home, Bonnie is seen standing next to her gravestone, though an official confirmation was never made by Sheila, who approached her, nor Bonnie.


  • Art by: Xermannico
  • Colored by: Rex Lokus
  • Cover by: Lawrence Reynolds
  • Page Count: 23
  • Age Rating: 15+



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