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Katarina after her return to Bulgaria

Bulgaria 1490 Edit

  • Katerina Petrova gave birth to her daughter. It is unknown who the father is. Katerina's father took the child away without even letting her hold the baby once, despite Katerina begging both her mother and father. After giving birth she was banished by her parents from Bulgaria. ("Katerina")

England 1492 Edit

  • Elijah and Klaus meet Katerina during Klaus' birthday celebration. Trevor introduced her to Elijah first. Elijah was surprised by her appearance because she reminded to him another girl. Katerina had a good time with Mikaelson brothers. Even Klaus courted her. But she found out that Klaus needs her for the sacrifice to become a hybrid. Elijah disagreed with Klaus, he wanted her to survive the sacrifice with the help of witches. Unfortunately, Katerina escaped before the sacrifice really happen. ("Klaus (episode)")
  • Katerina was running from Klaus's men (among them, Elijah). She hid in the forest so they didn't find her. Trevor found her and told her to run to a cottage east of where they were. When she got there, she knocked on the door and was greeted by an old woman, who was compelled by Rose to not let strangers in, but after Katherine explained herself, Rose reluctantly allowed her entry. She showed Rose the moonstone she stole from Klaus to prove who she was, but the act only frightened Rose into deciding to turn Katerina into Klaus to save herself. When Trevor arrived later, he convinced Rose to help, but not before Katerina took matters into her own hands by turning herself into a vampire. Rose tries to kill her but she shields herself with the human woman and flees shortly after.("Katerina")
  • Rose and Trevor have been running from Klaus and Elijah since then. ("Rose (episode)")

Bulgaria 1492Edit

Trevor 1490s

Trevor in the 1490s


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