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  • In the Old World, a terrible plague kills many humans, among them was the firstborn of Mikael and Esther.
  • Ayana, Mikael and Esther, along with other survivors of the plague, decide to go to the New World where people are healthy and have such a strength (werewolves).
  • Mikael and Esther created a new family with the birth of Finn, Elijah, Niklaus, Kol, Rebekah, Henrik.
  • Niklaus and Elijah are interested in the same girl, Tatia. They were both in love with her, although she had already had a child with another man.
  • Werewolves and ordinary people lived in neighbourhood. Every full moon werewolves had to turn and people stayed hidden. Niklaus and Henrik sneak out of the caves to watch the werewolves turning, but things go terribly wrong and as a result of Henrik being clawed and bitten by the werewolves he dies.
  • Mikael is so distraught that he persuades Esther to turn himself and their children into vampires. Tatia's blood was used in the spell that changed them. Esther used sun to draw strength and White oak tree to immortality.
Rebekah, Elijah & Klaus

Rebekah says to Elijah and Niklaus, they will stick together, always and forever.

  • After the transition, it was discovered that Klaus was not Mikael's son, but that his father was a werewolf. This is the reason that Klaus is a hybrid. Mikael kills all of his werewolf family and thus started the war between the two species.
  • Klaus kills Esther by ripping her heart out, and convinces his siblings that it was Mikael who did it. Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah make a vow to stay together, "Always and Forever".


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