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Created Psychics

If Qetsiyah created immortals, psychics more powerful than born psychics, why is there no way to create Psychics with witchcraft?

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Why do werewolves not possess psychic power?

Do they not have it because they were cursed? Why vampires and immortals have been bewitched and have psychic power, the only ones that do not have this power are werewolves, is that power given only to immortal creatures?

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Will Bonnie's children have power over death?

Can Bonnie's children have a devastating power equal to Bonnie's? Can they kill and revive people and themselves with the power of their thoughts? Or does this only apply to Bonnie and Arcadius? who created their own dimensions afterlife?

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Can Bonnie ever be killed? Can she die?

Reason for asking is because of her Immense Psychic powers. Since she can send a spirit to her pocket dimension with a thought (like she did with Enzo’s), could she simply go to her dimension when killed (or at death) and then (since she’d still be a witch even in spirit), use her magic to resurrect herself every time this happens (Assuming her dimension moves along with her anywhere she goes)?

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Favourite character

Who's your favourite character from The Vampire Diaries and The Originals and why?

P.S. Hi, guys. I'm new here. You can call me just Mags.

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Are the Twins Psychic?

I have been wondering whether or not the show will give the twins some psychic abilities since they are already at a disadvantage in life by being siphoners (they'll probably possess items with magic in it but magic runs out). Since they see Bonnie as an auntie and Bonnie worked with them on magic when they were younger, I have been wondering whether or not Bonnie would help them with their psychic abilities. If so, I wonder what psychic powers they might have. We've only really seen telepathy and dimension creation.

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Psychic-vampire hybrid?

What happens to a psychic after the psychic becomes a Vampire?
Do they have stronger mind compuision?
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Found out Aaron Whitmore's parents' names

Aaron Whitmore's parents are Ashley and Aaron III Whitmore. That means Aaron is Aaron IV Whitmore. You can see it here. Can one of admnis edit his page? Regards, Olusha

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New Monster Theories

After scanning the trailer, I was wondering whether or not Dracula might exist in this universe. The reason why I ask is because Dracula is a famous vampire but in the real world, he's very different from the vampires in TVD (which might categorize him as a separate creature). Dracula is often referred to as Son of the Devil, Son of the Demon, or Son of the Dragon. We see a demon statue standing guard at the front gates of the school, a monster in the trailer that seems to be black with scales and has wings and claws, and there's a lot of fire and fire breathing featured in the trailer. I'm not saying that Dracula is the new villain but I'm starting to think that this threat is some kind of vampiric demon monster.

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who was the most popular out of these 3?

who was the most popular-elijah, kol or kai?

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New monster

What do you think this could be?

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In episode with Bonnie contacting enzo season 8

How does she contact him like through the other dimension in her mind how would that work like
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Vampire Sirelines

Wondering what will happen if you’ve died with Niklaus’, Elijah’s and Rebekah’s vampire blood. Would you turn into a vampire who’s part of Niklaus’, Elijah’s and Rebekah’s sirelines at the same time? What do you guys think?
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what fight scenes do you want to see in legacies?

in just a fantasy scenario, what fight sequences between any character (living preferred) and any creature do u want to see happen?

one that has got to happen for me, if Marcel is still a beast, have him take on one of these new so called monsters and we will see who the true beast is. I'd also like Vincent and the entire Mikaelson family that is left fight off the new creatures.

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Witches created?

I know it's really silly that question really can not create witches? How does a human being become a witch? Why traditional mythology says that Sorceresses or witches created are witches who have been transformed with a little magic put in their system.

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If you were a Witch?

If you were a witch in this universe, would you rather have;

A - Little skill, but a lot of power

B - Little power, but a lot of skill

And why?

I have a hard time deciding, my first instinct was to choose A, but what use is power if you don’t know what to do with it?

With B, you could channel for a power boost but you need something powerful to channel and the thing that give the most power are the rarest occurrences. Esther's a great example of just how far a witch can go with great skill.
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if these new creatures are a fail, what else are you guys looking forward to?

ive shared my hopes for the tvdverse like a dozen times, but what do u guys want to see in case these new creatures dont really excite u guys? Not saying every fan of legacies is going to watch for just the creatures but just curious what will u guys fall back on if they scrap that monster theme after say one season? Assuming we're getting a 2nd season.

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New species

What if they brought angles and nephilims to the show legacies?

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Lineage of Marcel

Will the regular vampires of Marcel's lineage be stronger than the original vampires? And besides, will they also be poisonous like Marcel or will they be just regular vampires like the regular vampires of Klaus's lineage?

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