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Bonnie's Treatment on the Show

I see some people saying Bonnie was treated terrible on the show compared to other characters for the following reasons:

1. People thought her not ending up with Enzo wasn't fair.

Here is the thing though the only people who ending up with someone in the end was Damon and Elena. Everyone else ended up alone as far as romantic relationships are concerned. Also yes Bonnie lost her love to Death but so did Alaric, Caroline and Matt. Also don't bring up Klaroline because that is happening because Candice doesn't have a problem continuing with the show. Kat doesn't want to do the show period so even if they wanted to conclude Bonnie's love story in the Originals they couldn't unless it is word of mouth.

2. The felt the show portrayed Bonnie as too weak sometimes.

Why do people feel like a witch who had been practicing magic for a couple of years max should be more skilled than a witch who practiced magic for 10+ Years if not 20+? It makes no sense. Mind you though within 2 Years Bonnie learned Traditional, Dark, Expression and Spirit magic and was pretty proficient in them. That is pretty impressive. Hell she was able to break Esther's linking spell on her first try. Also able to put down 100+ year Vampires with ease.

3. Storylines. Good gracious storylines.

To sit up here and say people like Damon, Elena and Stefan had better story lines than Bonnie is mind bungling.

Season 1: Storylines
-Elena:Dealing with her growing Feelings for Stefan.
-Damon:Trying to free Katherine from the Tomb.
-Stefan:His growing Feelings for Elena.
-Caroline:Being used as Damon Blood Bag and becoming a vampire.
-Bonnie:Discovering her witch side.
-Jeremy:Developing relationship with Anna

^These are the only true relevant characters in Season 1. Matt and Tyler weren't really relevant this season.

Season 2:
-Elena:Discovering her Doppleganger. Still developing feelings for Stefan and being kidnapped to be used as a sacrifice.
-Damon:Pouting about Katherine.
-Stefan:Developing feelings for Elena.
-Caroline:Developing feelings for Tyler.
-Bonnie:Developing feelings for Jeremy. Discovering more about Witchcraft.
-Tyler:Discovering he is a werewolf.

Season 3:
-Stefan: Becoming the ripper.
-Elena:To be used as a blood bag for Klauses Hybrids.
-Caroline:? Was this the season she got with Klaus? I guess telling her mother she is a vampire. Father's death?
-Damon:Believe this is when Damon started having feeling for Elena.
-Jeremy :Mediumship story line.
-Bonnie: Dark Magic story line and story line with Abby.
-Alaric:Becoming an upgraded Original.

^This Season was more about the originals than the main cast. Don't believe any of the protagonist outside of Stefan had any actual long lasting story lines this season.

Season 4:
-Elena:Becoming a Vampire
-Jeremy:Becoming a Hunter.
-Damon: Being in love with Elena.
-Stefan:Maybe this was the season Stefan became a ripper instead of Season 3. IDK. Outside of this I guess pouting about losing Elena.
-Bonnie: Learning Expression, Silas and dropping the veil.
-Tyler:Hybrid camp
-Caroline :Buddying relationship with Klaus.

Season 5:
-Elena:Augustine Vampire. Sire Bond.
-Stefan:? Enzo crap
-Bonnie:Becoming the Anchor

Season 6:
-Bonnie:Prison world/Kai
-Damon:Prison World/Kai
-Elena:Dealing with the lose of Damon.
-Caroline:Dealing with the lose of her mother.
-Stefan:Turning off Humanity switch.
-Alaric:Romantic relationship with Jo

Season 7:
-Damon:Lose of Elena, mother issues.
-Bonnie:Phoenix Stone and Huntress
-Caroline:Stefan and Babies

Season 8:
-Stefan:Humanity Switch
-Bonnie: Psychic stuff and Enzo.
-Matt:Family History with the bell

-Elena:Played a big part in the story until like Season 4 when she became pretty useless to the plot. She was useless to the Overall Season 4 plot. She was useful for the Season 5 plot. She was useless in the season 6 Plot. The only person she was useful to in Season 7 and 8 was Damon. 70% of her Story line either revolved her being in love with Stefan or being in love with Damon. 25% Revolved around her being used as an ingredient for a spell and 5% actually revolved around character growth.

-Damon:25% of his story line revolved around him finding Katherine while 70% revolved around Elena and about 5% revolving around actual personal characterization. Most of the growth happen when with Bonnie or Season 7.

-Stefan: 75% of his story line revolves around a love interest rather it be Elena or Caroline. 24% revolve around him being the ripper. 1% actually shows individual characterization.

-Caroline: 95% of Caroline story line revolve around a ship. The Other 5% revolve around actual characterization. This is me being generous though. The only time her story line wasn't about a ship was Liz's death. Even then her turning off her humanity had more to do with Stefan than her mother death.

-Bonnie: 85% Revolved around her witchcraft. 5% Around romantic relationships and 10% on personal characterization.

Did I miss anything? Oh Yea people claiming Bonnie is just as the save it witch. Like all witches on the show have been used like that. Davina and Freya are currently being used like that on the originals. Also people try to associate it with Bonnie being Black but one again Freya and Davina serves the same purposes and are clearly white.

I want to start a civil discussion about this. All sides welcome because I seriously want to understand.
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